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  • When he talks about Skyward Sword showing the origin of the Master Sword.
  • In his Top 10 Video Game Glitches video, when he starts to talk about Missingno.
    Rabbid Luigi: When making the first generation of Pokémo-Actually, fuck it, you know where this is going, and if you don't, I question your ability to keep up to date with popular things the internet won't shut up about.
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  • This little goof from his Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze LP:
    Rabbid Luigi:...Phone in, leave a comment section— leave a comment section, just pick up a comment section from another video and stick it in the comment section below...
  • Him getting increasingly irritable during "Top Ten Worst Video Games", nearly pulling a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! when he has to talk about the Philips CD-i Zelda games. Then it becomes a Tear Jerker when he talks about E.T.
  • He mentions getting 100% in the 3DS Majora's Mask remake in 3 days.
    Rabbid Luigi: A little too appropriate...
  • In his Pokémon Gold LP, he catches a Zubat and forgets what he was going to name it, so he just decides to go with "Biggles". This is funny enough on its own, but, much later, when he forgets the name he wanted to give to his Swinub...
    Rabbid Luigi: From the people who bought you Biggles, we now have Wiggles!
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  • He starts off the ''Pokémon Gold'' LP by slightly editing Prof. Oak's opening speech, producing this:
    Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting!
    Welcome to the world of POKéMON!
    My name is OAK.
  • His "Top 5 Games with Worst Voice-Acting" definitely has its moments.
    • The intro where he talks in heavy Engrish
    • His impression of the owl from Kings Quest IV
      "This is how magical creatures talk! Isn't this fantasy game full of so much whimsy and wonderment?"
  • When talking about Resident Evil, he gives a small speech on how horror games can be handled.
    "Shorter attention spans means fewer people are going to have the concentration to...Hey, look it's a butterfly. Hold on I'm gonna look at this butterfly...HOLY SHIT IT'S A BUTTERFLY!!!"
  • For PokeMonth, he played a Nuzlocke... of Pokemon Green... in its original Japanese text. And yes, he knows no Japanese.
    • The fact all of his Pokemon are named just a bunch of the same syllables. The subscribers watching the video who know Japanese must've had a field day.
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  • In his Shadow of the Colossus playthrough, he starts rambling after spotting the first Colossus:
    Rabbid Luigi: We gotta defeat sixteen bosses... boss fights... in order to bring back the girl... and wipe away the debt, no, that's not right...
  • He states at the beginning of his "Useless Characters" video that he had a "strange" E3 2017 experience because of the reveal of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and their Rabbid Luigi.
  • "To the EA-Mobile!"
  • The reactions to Buff Dedede, both Will's and Ant Dude's. No words can do them justice.
    • Receives a call-back in his "Most Anticipated Games of 2018" video, where he's shown wearing sunglasses when he has to talk about the game again.
      Rabbid Luigi: I came prepared this time.
  • These two tweets posted during the 2018 Nintendo Direct:
    Rabbid Luigi: Now I'm wondering what the hell they could be saving for the end of this Direct? We are not prepared.
    (6 minutes later)
    Rabbid Luigi: WE WERE NOT PREPARED.
  • Rabbid Luigi's 2018 April Fools video is essentially an exaggerated parody of questionable YouTube practices, including a click bait thumbnail, self promotion, telling his viewers constantly to leave a comment etc., Stylistic Suck in the form of deliberate awful capture recording, 100% "supposedly true" facts that are actually Blatant Lies, and the cherry on top, Rabbid Luigi trying to imitate a Bostonian accent throughout the whole video. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • In his Lets Play of Super Mario Sunshine.
    • While doing the Blooper surfing some... interesting things happen.
      • First he loops around to the starting area and somehow ends up on a different blooper.
      • Second he goes around to the same area and gets stuck between platforms for a few seconds.
    • In that same Lets Play he spends ages trying to get the durians to work so he can get some blue coins. Amazingly they never fail the same way twice.

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