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Funny / Quest Twilight Prince Prophecy Chronicals

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  • First, you boot up the game and... Oops! The creator forgot to remove the placeholder Ren'Py text! Also it got voiced, for some reason.
    Ebert: You've created a new Ren'Py game.
  • All the voices. All of them.
    • The moment you begin the game, you hear Donna's voice, which is clearly a guy's. The voice actor also happens to be the same actor for two of her male love interests and the Big Bad. Donna's mom also happens to be voiced by a guy. All of the voices happen to be downright Narm hilarity.
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    • Herald's voice can never pronounce the word "Messiah" properly. In fact, he pronounces it as "Messy". Also, a few of his lines are clearly recorded with something like rock music blasting in the background.
    • Ebert pronounces everything in some strange terrible East Asian stereotype. Also, he keeps yawning mid-sentence as well as pronouncing every spelling error made in the game, and does everything that is the epitome of bad voice acting. In version 1.1, he even "accidentally" recorded Abel's line, upon which in the voice clip he was screamed at by the "director" and started getting into a supposed fight. The resulting voice clip, including the quarrel, was still put in the game.
    • Also, as of version 1.1, Abel Cain is clearly voiced by Google Translate.
  • "Music: Google. Pictures: Google" How do credits work?
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  • The opening credits play a total of three times. It is both frustrating and hilarious.
  • "If he catches me, then... he will catch me!!!"
  • Herald being revealed to be the Man Behind the Man doesn't even make sense. And then he pulls off a Heel–Face Turn for absolutely no reason.
    Donna: No herald you must become good boy
    Herald: oh ok
  • All the Memetic Mutation:
  • The fact that none of the guys in the title screen are actually in the game itself.

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