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  • The final verse of "One Vision". Just as you think it's certainly a song about union of the people, Freddie Mercury tacks in "just gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme fried chicken!" The last line was the suggestion of Freddie's boyfriend, Jim Hutton, who encouraged Freddie to Throw It In!, suggesting that he was "big enough" to get away with it.
  • The operatic part of "Bohemian Rhapsody" from A Night at the Opera has some amusing parts to it.
  • The song "Fairy Feller's Master Stroke" also has elements of this with the vocals being sung in different pitches and tones.
  • The video for "I'm Going Slightly Mad".
    • Meta-moment: in between takes for the video, the band was playing with the penguins that are featured at various points. The penguin sitting in between Freddie and Roger took a rather large crap on the couch, narrowly missing Freddie's leg. Without missing a beat, Freddie jumped up and said "Roger, what did you do!?"
    • In another bit of Innuendo-era silliness, the band takes part in a video message to Hollywood Records to promote the album. Once Brian finishes, someone off camera suggests another take, in which Freddie, who seconds earlier was sitting seriously, nervously quips "Oh shit, all that crap again?!"
  • "Bicycle Race", particularly its borderline Cloud Cuckoolander chorus and the race segment, where the band plays around with bike bells before Brian May goes off with an extremely goofy guitar solo.
    • The random anti-Shout-Out sequence that happens in the song (another funny tidbit: Freddie actually did like Star Wars and was a Superman fan).
    • Queen being masters of the Audience Participation Song, their fans would reportedly bring their own bicycle bells with them to concerts when the song was played live, ringing them at the appropriate moment!
    • The video for the song has dozens upon dozens of naked women riding bicycles; the owner of the bike shop that supplied the bicycles had to discard and replace the seats on every single bicycle that was ridden, as the seats were ruined.
  • The phrase "Heap big woman!" from "Fat Bottomed Girls" is good for a chuckle.
  • In 1977, HM The Queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee. Queen marked the occasion by staging a tour of the UK alongside Phil Lynott's band. They called it the Queen Lizzy Tour.
  • The music video for "I Want To Break Free". That is all. In fact, David Mallet, the director, swears that he must have broken something in his body from being in hysterical laughter the entire shoot.
    • In case you're wondering why: Freddie Mercury in a short skirt, bouffant wig, sleeveless blouse, and fake tits. And yes, this was after he grew that mustache. Topped off by him winking at the camera. Then you have the other members of the band in drag, all parodying Coronation Street, particularly Roger Taylor.
    • It's easy to assume that it was Freddie's idea to have the band in drag, but according to Freddie himself, "It came from Roger [Taylor], and actually, the other three ran into their frocks quicker than anything."
  • The whole song "Don't Try Suicide" seems like a bit of dark humor on Freddie Mercury's part; it comes off as a finger snapping show-tune-esque ditty about how the subject shouldn't attempt suicide because "Nobody gives a damn". Highlights include "Baby, when you do it, all you do is get on my tits."
  • If you have already seen Metropolis before you watch the music video for "Radio Gaga," it can be pretty funny and unexpected to see the Machine Man transform into Freddy Mercury instead of Brigette Helm.
  • Shortly after getting cast as Freddie in Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek met the surviving members of Queen. However, he was unaware that they hadn't seen his demo tape as Freddie, yet. So, he had to sit in awkward silence watching them watch him emulating Freddie, hoping he'd impress them.
  • Before joining Queen, Freddie worked as a baggage handler at Heathrow Airport in London. For Freddie's birthday in 2018, the Heathrow baggage handlers danced and lip-synced to "I Want To Break Free".
  • In "Delilah", Freddie says that sometimes Delilah even tries to answer the telephone. This is a song about his cat!
  • During a live performance of "'39", Roger shouting "YEEHAW!" in the intro.
  • During the encore of their 1975 concert at the Odeon, Roger wore a colorful clown wig and suspenders.

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