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  • Every time there is a description of science related to an ongoing case, expect Kana to not understand it, to the point Sou and Loki dumbed it down to Elementary School level.
    Sou: [explaining Riemann hypotesis]
    Kana: umm...
    Loki: Let me put it this way. The solver of the problem can get a million Dollar for just solving it.
    Kana: [with beaming eyes] A Million Dollar?! That's great! How many okonomiyaki is that worth?
    Sou: Why did I even try to explain it...
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  • During the "Jacob's Ladder" case, every time Kana aks Touma something about computer terminology, he just hands her a book on computers. First time, Kana pushes it back across the table. Second time, she throws the book in Touma's face. Third time, she shreds the book to pieces in front of him.
  • At the end of the "1st, April, 1999", despite Kana winning the April Fool's contest, Kana realizes that she has to do this again next year. Once she catches on, remembering Sou's words, she turns to him and you can see Sou's sticking out his tongue while showing 'Q.E.D' label.
  • The entire answer to "School Festival Melody Mania". There is a reason why Sou tells everyone to not hold a grudge against the culprit because all the victims are at fault.
  • This part. Poor Sou.


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