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  • In his playthrough of Silent Hill 2, Snake recites some rather unique interpretations of fairy tales while mulling over the music box puzzle.
    • Cinderella: "I think she was like a tramp, and had sex with a prince."
    • The Little Mermaid: "I dunno... I believe she grew legs, and had sex with a sailor."
    • Snow White: "Um, she ate a poison apple and had sex with seven midgets. I don't know!"
  • After Game Overing in Chapter 1 sevaral times in ''Corpse Party Snake loses his shit when he finds out he can't save Seiko.
  • His reaction to the Jump Scare in the "mannequin room" in Silent Hill 3, especially for fans who knew about the scare beforehand and were just waiting for him to trigger it. He even unknowingly tempts fate at the beginning of the episode by saying that he can't handle frightening noises, and that it's much scarier than actually seeing something scary. When the jump scare happens with a combination of both tropes, Snake's reaction doesn't disappoint.


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