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  • The entire scene where they arrive at the sky castle, and the air makes their voices really high-pitched.
  • The dance battle. 'The Litterbox', to which Puss basically says, 'Oh, you did not!'
    • The Masked Cat's wordless reaction to Puss' butt scoot in response is priceless.
    • When The Masked Cat begins dancing, Puss (who has his paws up, expecting a fight) is just looking at the Masked Cat like "What the...?"
    • What upsets Puss in Boots and sends him into Unstoppable Rage territory? A single drop of milk on his boots...the look on his face is priceless.
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  • Near the start of the movie, there's an expository moment where a man uses his body tattoos to show Puss the legend of the Golden Egg. We soon get this absolute gem.
    Man: Do you want to see the golden eggs? -Reaches for his pants.-
    Puss: NOOOOOO!
  • Kitty falling asleep during Puss's story.
  • How Kitty keeps bringing up the "You hit me on the head with a guitar!" thing.
    Puss: I...regret the guitar...
  • Humpty in the gold suit. Also the way they have to keep rolling him around to get him places.
  • Dancing "The Litterbox."
  • The cat that keeps going "ooooh!" at appropriate moments.
  • When we see Humpty throwing birdseed for the vultures on Puss in a flashback. Which leads to the vultures grabbing him instead, with Humpty immediately realizing his mistake.
    • Heck, the whole "I was there the whole time" flashback, which shows him present for many of the film's events, for no discernible reason and in increasingly goofy disguises.
  • Holy Frijoles.
  • The cat your cat could smell like commercial.
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  • "Hi little plant!"
  • The flashbacks to Puss' childhood. He spends most of them being absolutely quiet, only nodding or shaking his head. The finally the cute little cat speaks... with Antonio Banderas' deep voice.
    • That turned from funny.
  • "You snap me?!?"
    • Also not long afterwards, Puss' reaction to Jack's gunshot. He's completely burred up.
    Puss: "no hablo ingles"
  • The stare-down between Puss and the Diablos in the short film.
  • "He saved the Commandante's mother!"
  • This troper just about died laughing when kitten Puss hissed at the other orphans while holding the spoon.
  • If you value your dignity, do not do a tango where your dance partner can be switched with the golden goose.
    • Puss: "OHMYGOD!"
  • Puss has a bit of a problem with catnip:
    Guard: (shakes Puss's boot, small bag falls out, picks it up) One bag of catnip?!
    Puss: (nervously smiling) It is for my glaucoma.
  • Humpty Dumpty's line after the Cat Dance Fight in the mini-"tavern".
    Humpty Dumpty: Do you know what they do to eggs in San Ricardo Prison? I'll tell you this much.... it ain't over easy.
  • Watch this with the Once More, with Clarity! scene in mind.


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