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Funny / Puella Magi Kazumi Magica

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  • Kazumi forgetting her skirt while transforming
  • Kazumi lets Kaoru and Umika give her a haircut… and then Kazumi learns that Umika has never given a haircut before.
  • At one point Umika is in deep thought causing the other girls to assume that she has writer's block again. Turns out she's mad that she can't transform without being naked.
  • In Chapter 12, Michiru urges the Pleiades to call out their attacks in Italian like Mami.
    "When you're Tiro and you know it...Tiro Finale!"
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  • When the Pleiades bring Jubey to meet Kyubey, Kyubey seems to be surprised and incredulous, but reacts with his same emotionless face as ever.

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