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  • Episode 4:
    • When Asami meets Korra for the first time, she is so turned on that she vibrates.
  • Episode 5:
    • In the show, Bolin tries to give Pabu a bath. Here, he tries to soak Pabu in a cooking pot to make spaghetti.
      Pabu: You have betrayed me, Bolin!
    • When Korra kisses Mako, the fandom literally explodes. Mako also makes a Big "NO!" before Korra kisses him.
  • Episode 6:
    • Asami tries to blow a kiss to Korra. It lands on Mako instead. Asami freaks out.
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    • Inappropriate Timing Spongebob is lampshaded here and accompanied by a brief narration.
      Narrator: And so began the war between the Avatar and a talking sponge. Sponge was merciless, leaving destruction and chaos in his wake. This hurts us so.
    • Because of Katara's constant use of it, the word "moist" ends up being removed from the dictionary and banned from general use.
  • Episode 8:
    • Asami gets very excited at the notion of sharing a room with Korra on Air Temple Island.
      Asami: The boy's room? So... So there's a girl's room? For me and Korra?
      Korra: Yup, the girl's room. Just us.
      Asami ("Psycho" Strings) Together?!
      Korra: Sure.
      Asami: (More Psycho Strings as her irises shrink) Alooone?!
    • Tarrlok's reason for arresting the crowd of non-benders in this version? He imagined they were having a rave that he wasn't invited to.
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    • The velocity of Korra's boob jiggle is finally revealed in this episode. It's 0. However, the speed of her boob jiggle is 1.62 mph.
    • This exchange when Tarrlok throws Korra into the back of his car.
      Korra: Where are you taking me?
      Tarrlok: To the clubhouse!
      Korra: ...FU-
    • The episode ends with Tarrlok's own rendition of Cool Kids by Echosmith.
  • Episode 9:
    • In the main series, Tarrlok's assistant dramatically reveals that Tarrlok is a bloodbender. In Project Voicebend, he instead dramatically reveals that Tarrlok is a jerk.
    • The radio announcer is less than subtle about telling Lin to rescue Korra.
      Radio: This just in: Equalists have kidnapped Avatar Korra or whatever. If only somebody out there could save her!
      Lin: [groans]
      Radio: Someone with metalbending powers!
      Lin: [groans louder]
      Radio: With two scars on their face and a last name that rhymes with "grey thong"!
      Lin: All right, all right!
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    • The signs and posters on the Equalist's tunnel, full of Blatant Lies and Suspiciously Specific Denials.
      STOP (What are you doing?)
      All there is here is an M'LIL ALBUM
    • When Asami finds out about Korra kissing Mako, she combusts dramatically.
    • Korra Goes Mad From The Isolation.
      Korra: What am I supposed to do in here?
      Tenzin's Floating Head: When I'm bored, I either airbend, make whoopee or meditate. You should probably meditate.
      Korra: Tenzin, what are you doing here?
      Tenzin's Floating Head: [gets an afro and sunglasses] You've been in this box for TOOOOO LOOOOONG! [vomits a rainbow]
      Korra: Um... Okay... I'm already losing my mind. Might as well lose my dignity too.

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