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Funny / Project Million

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  • Spazz and Disneyland. Everything about him and Disneyland.
  • Hagan's trip through It's a Small World.
  • Hagan wearing Spazz's skin. Actually played by Spazz himself, with Gag Boobs.
  • Spazz and Wire's entire exchange.
    Spazz: How did you get here?
    Wire: Get where?
    Spazz: Like, here. In reality.
    Wire: I'm not here.
    Spazz: *poke* You are.
    Wire: No I'm not.
    Spazz: Well then what the hell am I doing, dreaming?
    Wire: No, not this time.
    Spazz: I thought that was an insane Inception reference?
    Wire: It was, that time. This time it's a dream within a dream.
    Spazz: But isn't that also an Incep - how are you here?!
    Wire: I crawled through a river of shit and came out the other side clean, okay?!

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