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Funny / Project: ALF

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  • The Project: ALF experiment tapes. A few highlights:
    • The darkly comic demise of Dr. Warner, and the Running Gag that ensues.
    • Alf getting sent to the centrifuge multiple times, to the point that when threatened with it, he utters "Been there. Done that. Threw up."
    • The word association test. All of it.
    • Alf asking the sole female interviewer if the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy has worked for her. She turns to the camera and utters "Stop the tape." Cut to Alf in a crash-test sled, sent off by said interviewer who presses the button with a sly smirk, which continueds as Alf crashes and a voice offscreen requests the Jaws of Life.
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    • Before the aforementioned incident:
    Dr. Carnage: I'm going to show you some pictures.
    Alf: Are they of you?
    Dr. Carnage: No.
    Alf: Good.