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  • Ikuko and Shingo Tsukino are a source of much of the series' comic relief.
    • Expect Ikuko to be a Large Ham every time she appears onscreen.
    • When Ikuko teases Usagi having a boyfriend, Shingo reacts in disgust and bails out with his breakfast. Ikuko then suggests some pet names: Usa-Usa and Mamo-Mamo.
    • When Usagi went missing, Luna asks Ami to impersonate Usagi for the time being. The plan worked on Ikuko, who recently lost her contact lens. Shingo and Makoto have very surprised reactions when they recognize "Usami" in the dining room.
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    • Shingo catches Luna talking in her plush cat form, staring increduously at her. Luna hides, transforms into her humanoid form and runs up the stairs. Shingo tells himself to pretend he did not see that.
  • When Rei gets accosted by a youma, Usagi enters the scene wearing a bear costume. The theme song plays as a Big Damn Heroes moment, Usagi is ready to transform... only to be unable to since her pendant was tangled inside the costume. The song stops cold with with a Record Needle Scratch. Rei's WTF expression sells the scene even more and ends up saving herself and Usagi.
  • Motoki getting really excited when he finds out that Makoto is going to give him some curry.
    • Then there's also the scene where he is about to throw a farewell party at the Karaoke dressing up in a full-size turtle suit.
  • When Haruna Sakurada confiscates the photos of a local basketball player the class is distracted about.
    Haruna-sensei: You can't look at this stuff during cla- (looks at picture) This guy's a hunk! Everyone look!
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  • While Makoto browses the girls' phones for possible outfits for her date with Motoki, she finds a naughty dress from Ami's phone. All of the girls look at Ami in silent bewilderment, while Ami could only say "I took that for no reason at all..."
  • Artemis complains to Minako that her manager Saito lip-kissed him. Minako teases Artemis for his first kiss, much to his dismay. Later, Saito recognizes Usagi's near-identical plush cat and lip-kisses it too. As it turns out, it was Luna's first kiss as well.
    • Same episode, Saito trains Ikuko as a field reporter with a boot camp playground. The Training Montage itself is hilarious, and is juxtaposed with a complete warzone where Saito is a Drill Sergeant Nasty and the Tsukinos wore military uniforms. Both Usagi and Shingo complain how ridiculous it is.
  • Act 0 is campier than the rest of the show with some really golden moments.
    • The first meeting of Minako and Artemis has Minako wondering how a toy cat can talk, first guessing that he's a robot and then beginning to talk to him as if he's a parrot or mynah bird. Cut to Artemis suddenly dressed up as a mynah bird for absolutely no reason, happily repeating her phrases like a mynah bird... and then doing a "what the heck am I doing this for?!" double take. She then takes it in stride and acts as if it was nothing out of ordinary.
      • Even better, this is quite close to how Minako reacted to first meeting Artemis in Codename: Sailor V: after realizing there was a talking cat she checks Artemis for speakers, and then just treats him as if a talking cat was the most normal thing in the world.
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    • Sailor V's first battle with a wanted criminal. Completely inexperienced, she spends the first half of the battle yelping and running away from the guy, but ends it by dropping a tree on his head.
    • And then Sailor V's second on-screen battle with a criminal. One of his mooks suddenly drop their weapon and randomly start dancing and posing, Minako takes the opportunity to trample on their foot.
    • Usagi and her friends Naru, Momoko and Kanami being inspired by Sailor V and cosplaying as Sailor Senshi. Naru, Momoko and Kanami call themselves "Sailor N," "Sailor M" and "Sailor K," while Usagi becomes "Sailor Rabbit," complete with bunny motif.
      • Usagi's disguise as Sailor Rabbit was ridiculous to the point that Naru lampshades it.
    • The 4 inept cops are played by the same actors of the Shittenou, taking their Shittenou qualities Up to Eleven.
      • Jadeite in the series is a cold and loyal servant of Beryl. In the prequel, his actor played a loyal but hypersensitive female police officer who is greatly offended by mere mispronouncing of her name.
    • In the series, Mamoru bragged he knew that Minako was Sailor Venus since the times of Sailor V. It's shown how it happened: Usagi, realizing she had forgot about Minako's new album being published that day, cried "Aino Minako" while looking in Sailor V's general direction, prompting the latter to freak out and blurt "How does she know?!" while in Tuxedo Kamen's hearing range. Made even funnier because both V and Tuxedo Kamen were hidden near each other but none had noticed the other until V freaked out...
    • The helicopter noise.
  • Kirari Super Live! is chockful of No Fourth Wall, Ham-to-Ham Combat and Corpsing around the Shittenou's performances.
  • When Usagi accidentally blurts out she's Sailor Moon and Mamoru pretending he didn't hear anything
    Mamoru: Oh, a bird.
    Usagi: Oh, grass.
  • Usagi wants to work on a unicorn costume for a contest, but she can't until her homework's finished. Shingo tells Ikuko that too much studying might make Usagi go crazy. Ikuko tells him that's nonsense and she's going to reward her daughter by giving her a snack. Meanwhile, Usagi has finished her homework and starts working on her costume. Ikuko walks in on her daughter prancing in front of a mirror dressed like a unicorn and chanting "Kupi! Kupi!" Ikuko breaks down crying, sure that her daughter has gone insane.
  • A rare moment of Minako showing a hint of the silliness she displays in other versions: In the Valentine's Day episode, she gives Artemis a box of chocolate — which turn out to be spring-loaded stuffed toy that startles him. The expressions on Artemis's plushy face pushes the moment from "kinda funny" to CMOF.
    • Partly a Heartwarming Moment as well, as she does have a real box of chocolate for him as well.
    • Artemis falls for the same trick again on Minako's final episode, with a more exaggerated reaction.
    • Rei and Minako were helping a priest caring for a stray dog. Cue Rei bringing a bag of dog food, while Minako shows up later with boxes of canned dog food and smirking. They also named the dog differently.
    • In one occasion, Minako roped Rei into playing the part of a magical unicorn
  • Usagi babysits a little girl, Hikari, who is in love with a boy who has a crush on Mamoru's girlfriend. Said girlfriend gives Usagi and Hikari candy. Hikari gives hers to a kid and she declares "I will not lose to that woman". After hearing this, Usagi hid her candy.
  • Ikuko-mama serves dinner for Usagi and Ami, and when Usagi berates her cooking, Ikuko sits on her daughter. Usagi's squirming and cries for help and the look on Ami's face as she bears witness to the silliness is priceless.
  • The scene with Artemis cooking for the children in Act 46, with all the success you might expect a tiny plush cat to have in the kitchen — trying to lift a frying pan that's bigger than he is and accidentally smashing eggs against the floor. You have to give him points for effort, if not for style.
  • Usagi fangirling over Minako by jumping up and down takes on added meaning if you know what 'Usagi' means.
    • Even without the double meaning, it's incredibly funny to see: one moment Minako is worried that Usagi has discovered she's Sailor V, and the next Usagi is fangirling, with Minako apparently wondering if she's crazy-and by the end of it, she seems very tempted to strangle her. Behold!
    • Even better... Minako in Codename: Sailor V is an experienced idol chaser (to the point of actually give lessons to a less experienced idol chaser), and in spite of her over-the-top personality she never acted like that.
  • Sailor Luna versus Kunzite, round one. Kunzite rolls his eyes at seeing a child in a Sailor Suit, only for her to weaponize a Teleportation Spam and she bops him on the nose. He has a "WTF" expression before just blasting her.
  • When Sailor Venus decided to apologize to Sailor Moon for her attempt at making her forget Mamoru by giving her tickets for her sold-out concert as Minako, Sailor Moon wondered where Venus found them. At which point Tuxedo Kamen deadpans that maybe it was because it was her concert and, realizing that Moon was the only one who didn't know that Sailor Venus and Minako Aino were the same person, brags he knew it since her times as Sailor V. Became Hilarious in Hindsight when Act 0 came out and we see he found out due Usagi accidentally making Sailor V blurting it out with him overhearing by chance.
  • The Pierrots attempted kidnapping of Minako in the Special Act. They quickly subdued her bodyguards while Minako complained about their weakness, then they had a massive Oh, Crap! when they saw that Minako, while depowered, could still kick them into concrete hard enough to shatter it.
    • Every scene with the Fake Shitennou, including their faces when the real Shitennou arrived to kick their asses.
    • Mio's reaction at the Sailor Senshi recovering their powers just to kick her One-Winged Angel form.
  • Tuxedo Power!
  • In the Special Act, Ami is now a successful doctor in America. When she hears about Rei's defeat and Usagi's abduction...
    Surgeon: Ami, this is the way to the operating room!
    Ami: This is the way to Japan!
  • Minako's Cool and Unusual Punishment for Rei disobeying her orders? Forcing her to sing karaoke for the children at the hospital.
  • Usagi interrupting a live broadcast on Act 32.
  • Act 40 has a contest where Usagi and Ami face off on a math test. When Usagi looks like she's about to lose, she pulls off a calculator out of nowhere. Ami still wins. Additionally, there's a part where Ami faces off against Luna in a battle of sumo, she wins by pushing her with the butt, she later defeats a monster the exact same way.
  • Every performance of C'Est la Vie, once you realize that Minako is blatantly announcing to the world she's Sailor V in a way nobody will catch on.