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Funny / Praefacio Of Blue

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  • When Elluka (really Abyss I.R. using her body) shows up and Gumillia leads her out to the woods, Yukina realizes that they probably want some privacy to discuss personal matters and insists repeatedly to herself that she's not going to follow them to eavesdrop. The next scene picks up with her in the woods looking for them.
  • The normally calm and collected Keel mistakenly believing that Kyle was making a play for Yukina and flipping out accordingly.
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  • There is some amusement to be had in Prim's outrage at Anne for suspecting her of poisoning her husband, Arth, even though that's precisely what she did.
  • While the scene itself was at a serious confrontation, Ney's demonic transformation in her fight with Kyle counts. She goes into it expecting to gain demonic features, like wings or horns or something, only to get...a change in clothes. Conchita's clothing, to be exact, as she's the actual demon of Gluttony by that point, and has a human appearance.

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