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  • Rita's conversation asking her father to grant her band refuge from the Machine Empire is reminiscent of a Bratty Teenage Daughter, particularly the way she tells him she "needs a place to crash."
  • Rito and Goldar acting as Bulk and Skull's servants in exchange for a place to stay after being left on Earth when Rita and the others flee may be classic Badass Decay, but it's also hilarious.
  • In "King for a Day: Part 2" Zedd and company enjoy watching Jason fighting off a brainwashed Tommy. They anticipate "the Rangers finally out of the way"... only to realize that would gain them nothing, as the Machine Empire would be able to conquer Earth unimpeded. This leads Zedd to declare - much to his disbelief and difficulty - there's only one thing they can do:
    Zedd: (seething) We have the Power Rangers! (shudders)
    Rita: (faints)
    • Also in that episode, there's the "fight scene" pitting Bulk and Skull against a squad of Cogs. Suprisingly, Bulk and Skull actually win the fight when their usual bumbling somehow translates into a fair amount of inadvertent, yet hilariously effective Deadly Dodging. It seems that the Cogs were only programmed to anticipate and fight against the usual martial arts styled fighting, and not comedic fighting — which they are not prepared for, nor accustomed to, at all.
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  • "A Few Bad Seeds", where Rocky is turned into a hybrid plant-man, resulting in a slew of pickup lines directed at Kat.
  • "Another Song and Dance". Morphing call. The best part is that while Nakia Burrise does have an excellent singing voice, Jason David Frank... doesn't (although, according to some sources, Frank's singing voice is good, he just thought it'd be funnier for Tommy to be hilariously off-key.)
    • Y'know what? The entire episode itself is hilarious, since we get both Tanya and Tommy being forced to sing all their dialogue after a monster afflicts the two with a spell that causes them to sing non-stop. Even their morphing callsigns are redubbed in their singing voices for this episode. We also get the Megazords being forced to dance thanks to the aforementioned spell. Which is hilariously awesome.
    • When Tommy and Tanya are singing in the Power Chamber, Rocky has the biggest "WTF?" expression, while Adam quips that he feels like he's in the middle of a rock opera.
  • Bulk and Skull try to pick a fight with someone who sold more raffle tickets than they did, only to learn he's the police chief's son.
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  • The entirety of Bulk and Skull fooling Stone with one Paper-Thin Disguise after another during an undercover test, ending with an Attractive Bent-Gender scene where Skull yanks off Bulk's wig and Stone gets the most hilarious bug-eyed look.
  • The whole team getting in on …But He Sounds Handsome while discussing which Ranger has the coolest color.
  • In "Bulk Fiction", Lt. Stone introduces Connie to Bulk and Skull and says he wanted her to meet his two best officers. As Bulk and Skull beam and start to thank Stone, he says those two best officers were busy, so he's stuck with Bulk and Skull.
  • The Rangers defeating Cogs by pieing them. Especially at the end. All the Cogs except one teleport away. The straggler asks "Hey, where'd they go?" and then gets hit by a pie from each Ranger.
  • Something about Zedd's line when Rita gets them approval to crash in Master Vile's galaxy while the Machine Empire invades Earth is hilarious.
    Zedd: Goodie goodie gumdrops...
  • Zedd's peace offering to the Machine Empire includes giving young Prince Sprocket a present; at this point, Zedd has stolen a page out of Jokey Smurf's playbook...
    Zedd: (driving away in the camper) I hope they get a bang out of our going-away present...(chuckles)
    • To say nothing of the Machine Empire's reaction. King Mondo initially thinks that maybe Zedd isn't so bad, right before Zedd the other villains' reactions make it very clear the present is a bomb, which detonates and blasts Mondo, Sprocket and Machina to pieces. Mondo, reduced to head, has this to say in defiance.
    Mondo: Hey, come back here! What kind of present was that?! You haven't heard the last of King Mondo and the Machine Empire!
  • In "A Zeo Beginning: Part II", the Rangers are bombarding Zordon and Alpha with questions about the Machine Empire, and Alpha tries to stop them, but suffers a meltdown and ends up shooting sparks out of the little "bump" on his head and babbling:
    Alpha: Too many questions, must process all information- (babbling noises)
    • Meanwhile, Rito and Goldar have amnesia, and when they enter Bulk and Skull's house, a madcap chase ensues, with Bulk at one point facing the camera, inexplicably swapping his police hat for a knight's helmet, then back; finally, everyone collapses into a heap at the end of the scene.
    • To get to the Power Chamber, the Rangers have to travel through this strange, gooey "vortex". Rocky ends up being the last one — he looks quite nervous, and then Billy's hand comes out and yanks him in.
  • In "The Puppet Blaster" Bulk and Skull were forced to watch over Lt. Stone's nephew, who is a complete brat. By the end of the episode, they trick him into getting pied in the face by the title clown.
  • Impursonator is rather funny looking on its own, but during one scene, it and a machine-controlling monster made by King Mondo each commandeer a Megazord and start fighting each other.
    • And while all this is going on, Bulk and Skull are in the middle of their exam to earn their detective licenses. They remain completely oblivious to the destruction as they think it's all part of the exam, even though their office is being torn to shreds. As it turns out, they pass the exam not because they studied, but because they got extra credit for working through a monster attack.
  • Bulk And Skull's mishap on their way to meet Lt. Stone at the beginning of "For Cryin out Loud" is one of their most hilarious.
  • When the Monster Robocupid accidently hits herself with her love beam causing her to fall in love with Klank and end up chasing him in "There's no buisness like Snow Buisness: Part 1".
  • "For Crying Out Loud" has Tommy and Kat pretend to be married to as part of a class project. Kat decides to gain extra points by having her and Tommy take care of a baby as if it were their own. Throughout the episode we see the normally unshakable Tommy who faces all manner of peril without a hint of fear act utterly terrified around the baby much to the amusement of the other Rangers.