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  • In the premiere, Bulk and Professor Phenomenous realizing too late they don't have Skull with them. Cut to Skull at home, sleeping through his noisy alarm clock; it falls over and wakes him up, but he shrugs and goes back to sleep.
  • Kai sternly trying to teach Leo to be a Bridge Bunny in "Rookie in Red." He's just snatched a sandwich out of Leo's hands and is lecturing him on how they can't eat on the bridge, when their boss walks in, sees the sandwich in Kai's hand, and lectures him for eating on the job. Then, the episode ends with Leo betting Kai that he'll never screw up on the job ever again. Once Kai confidently accepts the bet, Leo reveals that he just resigned, meaning he'll never screw up the job again because he's not doing it anymore.
  • Karone's spectacular failure of a first try at summoning the Zords.
    Karone: (waving her arms and jumping up and down) Galactabeasts! Over here!
  • ''Stolen Beauty". Apparently, Trakeena, sans monster makeup, is attractive enough to prevent you from noticing that someone DROPPED A WRENCH ON YOUR FOOT.
  • The Blue Crush. Seeing the normally stoic and serious Kai act like a total lovestruck dork is hilarious.
    • The epilogue, where he's depressed about Hannah supposedly being engaged, just has Damon with No Sympathy over the fact that Kai hasn't cooked for them.
    Kendrix: Kai hasn't eaten a decent meal in two days.
    Damon: Neither have Leo and I, because he's the only one who knows how to cook.
    • Damon then asks the moping Kai "how about lunch". As in "making us some lunch", and holding up two slices of bread as a visual.
    • When Maya asks where Leo is, Damon deadpans that he's sitting right there, but Kai's lack of cooking has starved him so much he's become too thin to see.
    • The Reveal that Hannah was merely a bridesmaid at her sister's wedding has Kai getting all giddy, while Damon snarks that "you starved us for nothing". And Hannah's present is a slice of the wedding cake, so of course Damon claims that for himself.
  • When Trakeena clashes with some people in a Bad-Guy Bar, she tries to smash a bottle against a bar to use as a weapon, and repeatedly fails. She settles for just throwing it at her opponent, who easily catches and crushes the bottle bare-handed.
  • During her Training Montage with Villamax, Trakeena tries to straighten up from a power squat while his back is turned, only to quickly resume the position when he sternly turns around.
  • Mike reporting on Titanisaur flying towards them in "Beware the Mutiny": "Well, it's a castle, sitting on a dinosaur flying towards us." The way he reports it, with a totally straight face, gives you the impression that he's pretty much unfazed by anything at this point (remember, he fell into a crevice, then got revived by an ancient warrior, so his tolerance for weird stuff is pretty high at this point). And when Commander Stanton sees Titanisaur basically doggy-paddling through space, "This is crazy."
  • Green Courage. The Scorpion Stinger is damaged by an asteroid and Trakeena takes a hostage so Terra Venture will send a mechanic to fix it. Damon does the job while the rest of the Rangers rescue the hostage, and after he finishes, he plans to walk off the ship. Trakeena stops him and points out she lied out about keeping her end of the deal in the most deadpan tone possible, more or less saying "were you really stupid enough to expect me to keep my word?"
    • From the same episode, Deviot absolutely losing his cool, as he thinks the Scorpion Stinger's being assaulted by hostiles; he even mistakes an asteroid fragment for an explosive device (the tone in his voice just sells it).