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  • Wheatley's apology letter, nonstop.
  • The three imagine spots in chapter two.
  • "Sorry I'm braking up- BEEP BOOP!" "Spaceships don't go beep boop, you're just saying sound effects!" "Can't BEEP BOOP talk right FWOOSH now BRRRROOM!"
  • At one point Chell must choose between saving Wheatley and eating toxic pudding. An angel companion cube and a devil companion cube try to convince Chell of which choice to make. The Angel Cube reminds her that Wheatley is dying and needs Chell's help; the Devil Cube just says "PUDDING PUDDING PUDDING!" Chell sides with the Devil Cube.
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  • The entirety of Wheatley's job interview. It ends with Cave Johnson falling into a crate full of bees.
  • Chell's nose-blowing hat: a roll of toilet paper strapped to her forehead.
  • BEEP BEEP! Here comes the FRIEND SHIP!
    • While Cave remained on his small shipwreck-island of bitterness and spied on them from behind the shrubs like a jealous weirdo.

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