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Given who created the film, it's not a surprise there are plenty of these.

  • Conner's payroll includes a Perspective Manipulator (A short man he has stand next to him to make him look taller) and a guy who's entire job is punching him in the nuts (To remind him where he came from.)
  • "Equal Rights" Conner's first single off of CONNquest, in which he supports gay marriage... while saying various things asserting his heterosexuality.
    • "Not Gay!"
    • "Titties!"
    • "Hot Wings!"
    • "N'gay!"
    • "Nunchucks!"
    • "Lying in bed next to 10 beautiful girls (all straight!)"
    • "Lynyrd Skynyrd!!!"
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    • "Not n-not n-not not gay!"
    • Listen to how he says the last "You're gay!" It sound like an insult!
  • The entirety of Conner's catchphrase verse is A Wild Rapper Appears! taken Up to Eleven.
    • Dinky Nuts!
    • Patrick Stewart Money
    • Zerbert in the Sherbert!
    • SQUARK!!
    • Costco samples like a motherfucker!
  • Harry's poolside interview about the poor albums sales, telling the camera crew that Connor's going to be fine. Pan over to Connor, wrapped in a towel and looking miserable, letting himself fall over into the pool.
  • It was me... or was it?
    • And the payoff later in the film. "It Was Me".. and it taking Conner a second to realize what it means.
  • Seal taking down a wolf when Conner's proposal to Ashley goes to hell and the wolves escape. He then explains This isn't the first time this has happened to him.
    Seal: How do you think I got these scars?
    Conner: (Surprised) Wolf attacks?
    • As an added bonus, the song Seal was singing is "Mona Lisa" with a different arrangement and new lyrics.
  • The opening number "I'm So Humble" as well as the various hologram shenanigans
    • The song ending on Conner surrounded by his own holograms.
    • Conner having one of the Holograms t-bag Owen and later having one of Adam Levine's holograms fuck another Adam Levine hologram.
  • ALL of the CMZ Segments.
    • The CMZ Reporter played by Eric Andre's overly long laugh in the first one.
    • Will Arnett's character topping himself on drinks to the point he's drinking the other employees and ends the segment with 5 cups duct taped together.
    • The ending bit. The Style Boyz reunion causes the CMZ crew to realize how pointless their lives are... and then they get right back to it once they find a photo of James Franco exiting Denny's.
  • The second credits song "Legalize It" "IIIIIIIII just smoked crack!"
  • Conner asks if anyone has an idea for an opening act:
    Tim: Just one, but you are gonna like it.
    Conner: .. Are or aren't?
    Tim: Are.
  • Finest Girl. "Fuck me like we fucked Bin Laden!"
    • "I can see you horny like a stegasaur"
    • "Gotta Terrorize that pussy!"
    • "Your harboring a fugitive!" "Dat ass!" "And my justice will be punitive!" "I'mma smash!"
  • The epic final number, Incredible Thoughts Conner and the reunited Style Boyz teaming up with Michael Bolton.
    • Mr. Fish the Wish Fish who is actually Tyrus Quash, Conner's chef played by Justin Timberlake!
  • "Mona Lisa, the original Basic Bitch!"
    • "Looks like a garbage pail kid!"
    • "And DaVinci must've sucked an art historians dick, to get this girl who looks like uncooked bread to the top of the all time list, of paintings."
    • The quick change from the first verse (which sounds as if it will praise the painting) to the chorus.
    "Pushed my way to the front of the crowd and I couldn't believe what I saw / Mona Lisa, you're an overrated piece of shit!"
  • The nationwide backlash at Conner's Product Placement with Aquaspin.
  • All of the shenanigans caused by Owen's ridiculous helmet. Particularly the time he falls on top of his equipment and, trying to take the helmet off, ends up turning on its overpowered light straight at the audience, who cover their faces and retreat.
  • Owen in general, really:
    Conner: Owen, do you have your equipment?
    Owen: Right here. *Holds up his iPod.*
    • Later:
    Lawrence: Conner. Owen.
    Owen: Lawrence... Conner. *Sheepishly* I was... I was just....
  • Connor's test of his entourage. After he feeds everyone dogshit-laden pancakes, Owen freaks out while... the other two try to compliment his "genius plan" and almost butter him up enough to forget his original point. And after it's all over...we see another entourage member chilling at the end of the table happily munching away at the pancakes, oblivious to everything else going on.
  • Connor interrupting his post-Poppy's inner monologue to note how intensely Lawrence and the stagehand are making out.
  • The deleted song, "Fuck Off," crosses the line again and again and again.

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