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Since the very point of an MST is to poke fun at a story's expense, many funny (and sometimes extremely weird) incidents can take place both inside and outside of the riff. Within the many series hosted on PonyRiffs, sometimes the unexpected may happen...

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Primary Riffverses

    Mystery Pinkie Pie Theater 3000 

    Fallen Prime Riffs 

    twow's Riffs 
  • In the first riff, where Pinkie turns twow into a dildo.
    Pinkie: (from TV) Your wish is my command!
    twow: *turns into a dildo*
    Sierra: See that coming, I did not.

    Atlas Riffs 

    Natural Glitch Riffs 

    Drunken Drak Riffs 
  • During the Co-riff of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash Kill Things With Weapons with Steel, an Over 9000 joke from Pinkie is interrupted by Vegeta punching her due to the fact that joke isn't allowed. Draklox then tells Vegeta to fuck off and pimp slaps him. This is responded to by Vegeta vaporizing Draklox with Final Flash. Afterwards Steel is fanboying over the fact that he got to see the Final Flash up close.

    Steel Riffs 


Secondary Riffverses

    Norse Fic Ravagers 

    Something's Silly Riffs 

    Sigma's Strange Storytime 

    Elec's Riff Shack 


    Cutting Room Floor 
  • In the co-riff of Applejack Is Full Of Squirrels, Gl1m 0 abuses the CSI sunglasses gag to hell and back, much to the annoyance of AJ.
    Gl1m 0: Well, looks like AJ’s finally... (puts on sunglasses) ...snapped.
    AJ: (facehoofs)

    Gl1m 0: She seems rather... “ticked” off.
    AJ: (threateningly) Sugarcube...
    AJ: Looks like we finally come down to... (slips on a pair of shades) ...the heart o’ the matter.
  • Screwball. Almost any time she opens her mouth (or doesn't) you can almost certainly expect a CMOF to follow.
  • Screwball and Sparkz (from Game Over MST) get along a little too well.
    Screwball: C’mon little guy, let’s check out the stuff stuff we got!
    Sparkz: Stuff stuff?! I love stuff stuff!
    666: Dear goddesses, now we have to deal with TWO of them?!
    SC & Gl1m0: Oh hell no!
    • Gl1m 0: (rolls his eyes) I would suggest getting a room, but I don’t think the future generations will appreciate that very much…
    • And at the end, Sparkz invites Screwball to visit the RV on the surface later so they could have playdates, assuming she survives the CRF blowing up.

    Game Over MST MLP 

    The Appleverse 

    Silent Riffs 

Tertiary Riffverses

    G&H Read Fanfics 

    Brony Nerd Theater 42, 000 

    Sing Riffs 

    Steventheman Presents 

    Carts' Unicorn Theater 

    Bitt Player Productions 

    FlutterJack Riffs 

    Regi's Traveling Circus 

Non-RiffVerses Series

These entries are not part of the Archive community's shared canon.

    Mystery Equestria Theater 3000 
  • Nightmare Moon's reaction to finding out the Mane Six named the satellite they were trapped in.

     Mystery Pony Theater 20, 000 

  • The Dirty Sexy Pony crossover riff is one huge CMOF all by itself, but the biggest highlight by far is the appearance of Princess Something. From being hit on repeatedly by Draklox, to inflicting countless levels of violence on other co-riffers (mostly just Drak and Type)... It's a wonder everyone is still (relatively) alive by the end of it.
  • In the My Second Life Part Two riff, Something goes off with Bruce Campbell to kill the not-Mane 6 and Coal Buck... but only succeed in killing their stunt doubles.

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