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Funny / Policing Middle Earth

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  • "Imminent peril".
    "We are surrounded by [imminent peril]!" Boromir said, sweeping one arm dramatically, indicating a harmless tree, a butterfly, and Gimli peacefully peeling potatoes. Unfortunately, he also swept Gandalf's hat off, rather proving his point about imminent peril. Gandalf was a wizard, thus quick to anger.
  • Vimes trying to arrest the Watcher in the Water. It doesn't work. Gandalf consoles him later by reminding him how awkward it would be to keep the Watcher in custody.
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  • Vetinari "politely staring" at the Eye of Sauron until it goes away.
  • Galadriel complaining that she doesn't believe in strong female characters.
  • Gandalf winding up as the Unseen University's new Visiting Lecturer, and attempting to reminisce about Hobbits to Ridcully... who, being an Egomaniac Hunter, gets entirely the wrong idea, and assumes they're something you can hunt.
  • Boromir's possibly unique fate in all the annals of fanfiction: becoming a Confused but Furious Zombie.


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