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  • Right at the beginning of the game, the camera follows a cute little Fletchling as it flies through a house. It hovers over the sleeping Player Character, almost looking like it's about to sing you awake... and then it rears back, and wakes you up by divebomb-headbutting you in the chest (which is how the move Fly is depicted in-game. So in other words, that Fletchling just used Fly on you). You later find out it's your mom's.
    • Even better after that. If you chose a female player character, you wake up, with pajamas and all, and your 3DS on your hand. This implies you played with it until you fell asleep, which is likely what you did when the game came out, and all games before it.
  • The game wastes no time in establishing Professor Sycamore's reputation when you get to deliver a letter from him to your mother. It's about the fact that you just received a Pokémon and that you are going to travel across the Kalos region, but the description mentions that the letter is scented with a faint perfume and your mother immediately assumes that it is a love letter, first admiring his lovely handwriting and only then noticing what the letter is actually about.
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  • Shauna not knowing what a Poké Ball is, despite having already gotten her starter Pokémon. Serena's/Calem's incredulous response makes it hilarious. "Shauna... What do you think your [starter Pokémon] is inside of right now?"
    Shauna: Wow, the Pokémon went INSIDE the Pokéball?!
  • Just after you have driven back Team Flare from the Kalos Power Plant, the two assistants from Professor Sycamore show up to save the day, only to find out that you beat them to the punch. Hilarity Ensues. The masks they wear to conceal their identity are also... less than convincing.
    • Even better, after you defeat Team Flare, you learn they were holding off Team Flare's reinforcements with the rest of the Five-Man Band, Tierno calls them by name, they deny it, get angry, and then do their jobs as Professor Sycamore's assistants.
    • Also during the first incident, when you go to the room where all the workers are being held, one of them says how "you're just a kid, how can you save them"; after defeating Team Flare and going back to the room, he says he never doubted you and gives you the TM for Flame Charge.
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    • Yet another funny moment in all this; in that same room, one worker is in between two shelves, and when you talk to him, he says he hid there but got stuck. After beating Team Flare, he's still there and says:
      I'm not stuck! It's just that a pleasantly cool breeze drifts through here.
    • Before all this, when you first encounter Team Flare inside the Pokéball Factory, Serena/Calem says to the grunt, "Did you have to get a part-time job to pay for that ugly suit?!" Ooh, burn!
  • After you defeat Team Flare in Glittering Cave, Calem/Serena will ask a scientist if Team Flare hurt him, and the scientist (who was fine all along) mispronounces their name as "Teemphlair" and asks if it's a Pokémon.
    • In Route 13, when you beat a Grunt at the entrance of the Power Plant, he mentions the exact location of the pass and walks off to wait. Talk to him again and he laments how much trouble he'd be in if, hypothetically, someone were to find the pass and use it to enter the Power Plant that is directly behind him. The next Grunt you meet afterwards mentions having no idea who you are even though you establish to them your status.
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    • The two disguised ones in Lysandre Cafe try to make sure you don't enter by spilling the password and the fact there is a hidden door.
      • Eventually, this all reaches a head where one of the Admins flat out tells you he won't tell you that the captured legendary Pokémon is further inside the base, and one of his Grunts flips out at him.
        Team Flare Grunt: "Why would you tell them that?! Who would even do something like that?!"
  • When you get to Route 14, Shauna gets you, Tierno, and Trevor to go to a supposed Haunted House. It sounds like an analogue to things like the Strange House or Old Chateau. In reality, it's a single home with a man who fails to tell a scary story, which resulted in some hilarious reactions from everybody. Optionally, you can even tip the guy and make the scene more hilarious.
    • Even better, Tierno apparently spaced out the whole time! This was probably a reference to how much of an anti-climax it was.
    • This takes place before reaching Route 14. After your discussion with Sycamore and Lysandre in the latter's café, Trevor gives you a message on the Holo Caster asking you to go to the aforementioned route. Now, you could immediately go straight to Route 14 and he'll greet you with "You arrived very quickly!", but this is where players will usually take this opportunity to explore Lumiose City to the fullest, getting every item (and skate trick) they can. Considering the size of this place, this can take an hour or 2, maybe longer depending on how you play. When you finally make it to Route 14, guess what Trevor says?
  • When you meet the "Defenders of Kalos" in the Team Flare lab, your character seems to say something along the lines of I Never Told You My Name, because they quickly make a rather lame excuse for knowing it. (Yeah, those guys aren't fooling anyone.)
    • Even funnier, when they walk up to you, you see them from behind and therefore can't see their masks. It's possible to miss the fact that they're even in disguise at all for a while.
  • The confrontation at Team Flare's HQ has a few:
    • Shauna tries to lure away some Team Flare Executives from the protagonist after having a very fake "I don't wanna be chased" and then running away. Two Team Flare Executives do go after her. But... unenthusiastically, one at a time, and at a slow pace while mumbling stuff that makes it clear they're only pursuing her to make sure she didn't trip over a power cord or something on accident that might screw this up.
      • Even more hilarious, Calem/Serena falls for it hook, line and sinker, chasing after Shauna with more concern than the admins.
    • Lysandre immediately throws a tantrum after you foil his plans for genocide. The way he yells and throws his visor down makes it look like Lysandre simply Rage Quit (and if you pay attention, you can see it on the floor where he threw it). Shauna and Calem/Serena take his ensuing rant completely seriously, but the player may or may not.
      • If one looks closely, they can see Lysandre wears his Mega Ring on his middle finger. It's not hard to imagine Lysandre activating it by Flipping the Bird, considering your character raises the wrist their Mega Ring is on to activate it.
  • Before you battle Elite Four Siebold, he asks you if you think Pokémon battles are worthy of being called art. If you answer Yes, he compares a battle to food, which is "art that vanishes as soon as it is complete." Which explains why if you answer No, he goes on a pissed-off rant thinking all you want is to "fill your stomach with tasteless matter" before he challenges you.
  • Blue has been to the Kalos Region before you encounter him in the post-game. He got the Bonjour right, but he kept saying "Smell ya later!" when he left.
  • The Trainers that you battle are usually depicted by artwork, but there are 17 Trainers who are rendered with 3D models like the Pokémonnote . Each of them have 3 animations (one for their intro into battle, the second for when they toss a Poké Ball, and the last is when they lose the battle. AZ is the only one who has no losing animation). With that said, some of these animations can be pretty funny.
    • Watch as Trevor tosses his Poké Ball in an awkward manner. His face says it all, as he strains while putting every ounce of strength into the toss. When he loses, he makes a "DO NOT WANT!" gesture, then holds his head down in shame.
    • As for Professor Sycamore, it looks like he's taking his loss in stride, shrugging his shoulders while smiling, but you can see him frown a little before he also holds down his head.
    • Team Flare's Celosia is very anxious. Her battle intro (while in Lysandre Labs) is her being surprised when she notices you, then she cowers. She throws her Poké Ball with no confidence whatsoever and when she loses? Celosia is so overdramatic that she does "The Scream" painting pose and slowly slinks to the ground off-screen.
      • Most of Team Flare's battle animations are pretty funny, for that matter. The Grunts and Admins in particular are incredibly over-the-top when they lose.
    • AZ has quite possibly the most subdued way of tossing a Poké Ball ever. He just stands there with his arms at his sides, then gently lifts his right forearm to toss the Ball, like he's saying "yeah. torkoal, just go." It can look pretty odd considering that Trainers seen not only in X & Y, but all other forms of media for the Pokémon franchise (especially the anime) toss Poké Balls in way more flashy and enthusiastic manners.
    • Serena's exasperated Face Palm whenever you beat her.


  • Not surprisingly, X and Y continues the Running Gag of Youngsters ranting about their shorts, as well as fat guys marveling at the wonders of technology in the player's hometown.
  • In Sky Battles, even if your Pokémon uses Roost, gets their Levitate skill taken away, is given a heavy Iron Ball, gets frozen, or something like those, that Pokémon can still continue the Sky Battle.
  • There's Preschooler Adrian on Route 4, who will brag about his "really cool Pokémon" that he just acquired in a trade. What 'mon is it? Uh, let's just say that the trade wasn't exactly a splash.
  • A Maid in Battle Chateau speaks as if it were a Robot Maid instead.
    • If you're not the sort who gets easily offended, the Battle Chateau is just made of this. Get ready to be called a prole, a plebian, have it suggested that you picked your clothes out in the dark (or from a trash can), be told that you may be a good battler but you'll never be rich, be asked seriously if there's anything else in the world except money, be offered a drink of "dandyism from a dried-up man"... it doesn't stop.
    • It's even more amusing when the NPC's ouright state that you will never be rich... even when you have millions of dollars to burn (Probably from grinding in the Battle Chateau in the first place.)
    • The Marchioness Fiona admits to you after her battle with you that she's a female bodybuilder hiding her muscles under the graceful garb of a Furisode Girl.
    • Another battler claims he is a first-class gentleman who uses first-class Pokemon. And what does he send out when you battle him? A level 15 Psyduck.
  • Horde Encounters can have some pretty funny moments:
    • A possible Horde Encounter allows you to fight a horde of Zangoose... With a Seviper mixed in. The Zangoose immediately begin ignoring you in favor of whaling on the Seviper until it goes down. It also works in reverse.
    • The same happens when you encounter a horde of Durant with one Heatmor mixed in.
    • It's possible to encounter a horde of four Trevenant... and one Sudowoodo. You're not fooling anybody, Sudowoodo!
    • If a horde of Geodude appears and you use Surf, most of them will survive on 1HP due to Sturdy. But then if one of them uses Magnitude, it will KO its four allies in one hit.
    • Need a laugh while conquering Victory Road? Try fighting a Lickitung horde.
    • The hordes of Spinda. Just...those tipsy-looking Spinda.
  • Klefki's Pokédex entry in X reads:
    Klefki's X Pokédex Entry: "These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them."
    • Really, the X Pokédex is rife with this. It's easy to see why the Y entry was used for Barbaracle, since in X, the player's personal Dexter will happily inform players of of the following:
      "When they evolve, two Binacle multiply into seven. They fight with the power of seven Binacle."
  • When you first enter Lumiose City, the northern half of the city is inaccessible due to a power outage. If you're playing when it's night, it's easy to see the Fridge Logic when the lights behind the Broken Bridge are bright and working perfectly.
    • Even funnier, the power plant workers will not allow you to pass. However, random NPCs will trot on by with no regard. What makes them so special?!
  • Hop on the rollerskates or bicycle while Pokémon-Amie is open. Your Pokémon rolls around in a hilarious manner.
    • Its movements generally reflect what you are doing. Surf, and it will bob up and down. Mount a Skiddo and it will jerk up and down as if galloping.
  • A woman went on a walk with her Furfrou and allowed it to lead the way. It led her all the way to Couriway Town... from Courmarine City, on the other side of the land! "My feet are killing me" indeed. Bonus points for her actually sitting on a bench, looking a bit lost and with her Furfrou beside her, seemingly unaware of the problem.
    • In somewhat the same vein, there's a Lass at Route 18 with a level 48 Granbull and Dedenne, who apparently got lost on her way to the Trainer's School and ended up there.
  • Even after the ancient weapon appears and has been set to destroy civilization in Geosenge Town, you can still call the camera man and take a picture in front of it. Yeah, what a great moment to remember.
    • ...and you can do the same later with the crater it leaves behind when it's destroyed. So much for this tourist spot...
    • Oh yeah, you know those houses? You would think they'd be piles of wood after the machine appeared. Nope! They're just tipped over like cardboard boxes.
  • One Hex Maniac, a trainer class that consists mostly rather freaky young girls, enters conversation with a Evil Laugh, asking you if you also heard that sound. Once you beat her, she suddenly slips out of character and declares she can't do it, and she ends up lamenting the fact that she has no idea how to act as a Hex Maniac and might not be cut out for that class after all. Makes you wonder, were all the other Hex Maniacs you encountered until then also pretending to be off their rocker just to freak you out?
    • There is even a Trainer class that pairs them with a Fairy Tale Girl and they are called Mysterious Sisters!
    • To keep this trend going, the joke is actually reused with a Fairy Tale Girl on Victory Road, who just comes and flat out admits that she is burned out on playing "this whole Fairy Tale Girl thing" (yes, she actually refers to the archetype in that manner), and wonders if she should give it up. After the battle, you apparently reassure her of her ability to play the role and she picks up the shtick again.
  • In Dendemille Town, there's a Hex Maniac selling Moomoo milk.
  • The Team Flare grunts are prone to this in spite of their end goals. Plus the Running Gag of the Grunts going on and on about how stylish their uniforms are... yet if you talk to certain NPCs, they'll say that they refused to join on account of how tacky the uniforms are.
    • The beds in the HQ are another one. There is one Grunt there who mistakes you for another Grunt and deduces that you aren't in uniform because you didn't want to get it wrinkled while sleeping.
    • A recurring Team Flare member spells out her Team's name each time you battle her. She goes "F-L-R!" ...Learn to spell, girl.
    • A Team Flare Grunt Lampshades his title. He says something to the effect of "I am just a nameless grunt. I have yet to make a name for myself."
  • The hipsters that refuse to let you enter Route 15 because you're not cool enough to know about Route 15 yet.
  • In Frost Cavern, there's a hiker that yells in all-caps:
  • Miltank's udders have Jiggle Physics.
  • Mr. Mime's animation is hilarious (he is constantly moving his hands around like the classic mime-in-an-invisible-box), but at the same time kinda creepy.
  • Hitmontop's animation. It kinda looks like he's doing the Carlton. It's apparently supposed to be based off of ginga, the fighting stance capoeiristas stand in before striking.
  • Poor Archeops' animation makes it look like it's desperately struggling to stay aloft.
  • In "Restaurant Le Yeah" in Lumiose City, a soup course "Is the gastronomical equivalent of a Gastly staring at a Hex Maniac."
  • One of the Hikers in Terminus Cave mentions he's worried about another Hiker who's been walking back and forth across a bridge for days, before realizing he's also been standing in that same spot for days.
    • Even better, the hiker's running animation kind of makes it look like he's skipping.
    • And the Hiker running back and forth is a Pungeon Master who drops a pun before the battle, on the win screen, and then when you talk to him again! Depending on your view, the Hurricane of Puns can be a funny moment, or you could interpret the other guy wondering if he needs help as a Lame Pun Reaction.
  • The description for the new move Trick-or-Treat: "The user takes the target trick-or-treating. This adds Ghost type to the target's type."
  • Remember that guy who sells overpriced Fresh Water that costs 300 credits from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2? Well there's another one here in Couriway Town selling it. And if you refuse, he would say that only pros can tell the difference! When you do buy, though, he gives you a free random berry, and starts selling them to you for 100 credits, so it's not a total rip-off like before.
  • Before the last course in Restaurant Le Wow, instead of the usual waiter/waitress serving you the food, you get a Skiddo carrying the food with a note explaining it in its mouth. Naturally, a flustered server comes running after it shortly after… This is made funnier when the game says the Skiddo appears to be eating the note.
  • In Lumiose City, the three battle restaurants are called Le Nah, Le Yeah, and Le Wow. The funniest one is Le Yeah, where all the diners will comment on how satisfying their food is. Not bad, not good, just... adequate.
  • Defeating Battle Chatelaines Nita and Morgan in a Multi Battle has Morgan yelling and nagging at Nita, after the latter's Oh, Crap! and This Is Gonna Suck moment (Before the fight, Nita had boasted about you looking weak and being able to take both of you on at once).
    Nita: No, no, no! How could I— This is terrible altogether! How could you do this to me, you wee, rotten Trainers?! Do ye not even know what Morgan'll do to me now?!
    Morgan: ... ... ... NITA! Oh, I'll do you, you little waster! First, you mouth off to our guests, with your boasting and insulting them so... And then you lose in battle despite it?! Do you even take this work seriously?! Could you ever face our dear ma and da, rest 'em, after such shocking behavior?! My dear guest... I am deeply sorry for this experience. I beg you will somehow overlook it and come visit our Battle Maison again. Now I must have a... discussion with my wee sister. You'll excuse us...
  • The Sushi High Roller restaurant has a bunch of Furisode Girls dancing for the customers, except the dance looks like they're just spinning in place. Particularly funny is the girl with a Fletchling, who's also spinning in place.
    • For a place this expensive to eat at (P500,000 before discounts), veterans of Restaurant Le Wow (P100,000) might expect even better service or exquisite Food Porn descriptions. Nope, the receptionists are Black Belts (as in, sloppily dressednote ), the food is presented with short and to-the-point descriptions, and the waitresses just talk to you casually. It can be funny in how "disappointing" and unsophisticated it is for the price they ask.
    • On the other hand, the casual waitresses can be refreshing after Le Yeah and Le Wow's staffs and owners fawn over you, and it's enjoyable to simply cut to the battle/buffet after having to listen to descriptions so long that the meal should [be cooled/have its heat distributed/whatever in the Distortion World you're battling to kill time for] by the time they're done.
  • A waiter in Hotel Ambrette who says: "Check it out! I never drop the balls!" like it's something to be proud of.
  • There are certain places where you can't use your roller skates (mostly indoors); Korrina, on the other hand... it's as if she's given a license to use her skates anywhere she wants!
  • An NPC you can battle in Lumiose City says she misses the face of her love and felt betrayed by his leaving, so she's standing in that position, and wants you to beat her in a Pokémon battle that "it hurts". After you beat her, it turns out that she fell in love with an actor's face on a movie poster and the poster has long since weathered away. She gives you a Destiny Knot afterwards.
  • There is a maid on the top floor of Hotel Richisimme who won't stop staring at a column, marveled by how thick and long it is.
  • If you try to have the Stats Judge judge an egg, he says:
    Judge an Egg?! That's a tall order even for me!
    • While it's extremely difficult to achieve, if you show the Stats Judge a Pokémon with 0 IVs in every stat, he first talks about how all of them are its best stats, then describes how bad they all are.
  • If you don't have enough money to enter Parfum Palace, the butler reluctantly lets you in free of charge.
    • This is because you can't grind for money until you wake Snorlax and access the Battle Chateau.
    • Also funny is Shauna's ticked off reaction to the butler demanding an entrance fee in the first place.
  • After the player has upgraded their Mega Ring, Trevor can be found in Geosenge to talk about different Pokémon that can Mega-Evolve. However, it doesn't seem to have been thought out too well, and thus is funny for all the wrong reasons.
    Trevor: Hey, <player>, have you caught Mewtwo yet? I thought so! I've caught one too!
  • There's an amusing moment in the Battle Maison: among the spectators on the second floor, there's a Nurse surprisingly not behind the desk at the Pokémon Center. If you ask her to heal your party, she'll rather informally mention that it's actually her day off.
  • You can fight the Elite 4 in the Battle Chateau postgame, and sometimes they'll give you items. When Duke Wikstrom gives you one, he says this:
    Do accept this token of my regard. Long has this treasure been held by the esteemed knights of my family... Verily has it been our most treasured possession, since I happened to pick it up in a shop a week ago. Or two weeks, mayhap! May it serve you well.
    • For that matter, most of what he says in general because he sounds like such a Large Ham.
  • Good lord, Golurk. If the fact that this hulking pokemon could use Fly wasn't humorous enough as it was in the previous generation, this generation makes it even funnier. In X,Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it's taken even further by its animation for the move. Where the anime explained it by giving him jets for arms and legs, the games make it look like it manages to hurl itself up there with no rhyme or reason. Then, in the next turn, it just comes plummeting down face first onto the opponent. It's like if, while it was in the air, it remembered it couldn't fly, fell out of the sky, and decided to make the most of it by landing on the opposing pokemon. It's just too hilarious not to think about it.
  • Aromatisse's cry is really funny to listen to. HRUWOOOOOOO!
  • Decline a Pokémon egg, and the day care man will say, "I will take it and never give it back." Pretty childish.
  • Your character and their clothes are unaffected by weather and climate—this can lead to one running around in a goddamn blizzard in short shorts and a midriff. With no ill-effects!
  • An old man in Anistar City asks you to give him a level 5 or lower Pokemon to make him company, as his wife had just died. In the post-game, if you did lend him a Pokemon, you come back and find a Pokeball containing said Pokemon and a note thanking the player character for letting him enjoy his final moments. Normally, this is worthy of a Tear Jerker, but can be nastily turned into Black Comedy depending on the borrowed Pokemon. (e.g. Giving the old man a Litwick)
  • As this post points out, there's something darkly hilarious about the fact that Tyrantrum, a Pokemon based on a dinosaur, can learn Draco Meteor, a move that involves hurling meteorites at the opponent. Even better, it's specifically based on a Tyrannosaurus of the dinosaur species that got to see the K/Pg Extinction first hand.


  • In a case of Developers' Foresight, interacting in Pokémon-Amie with Pokémon like Ferroseed or Slugma leads to some obvious results.
    • It can also be funny when you discover a part that hurts you on a cute adorable Pokémon that just begs you to pet it. Such as Pikachu's cheeks or Aurorus's forehead gem.
      • Even better when you repeatedly hurt yourself on the Pokémon and they start to look at you, incredibly confused.
      • Pikachu seems to enjoy it when you rub its cheeks. It makes the same face as when you scratch its chin, and lets out an elated cry when you get shocked. It doesn't like being touched in the groin though.
  • In Pokémon-Amie, try feeding a Pokémon when it is full. It's like trying to feed medicine to a kid when they hilariously turn away from the Poké Puffs in front of them!
    • Try grabbing a Puff then dropping it. The Pokémon will follow it with its eyes until it hits the ground, after which it'll either give you a confused look (if it's not hungry), get annoyed (if it's somewhat hungry), or get angry (if it's extremely hungry and of a certain species; Hydreigon, Axew, and Goomy being some examples).
    • You can throw the puffs way offscreen to the left or right through dragging and letting go. After reading Developers' Foresight entries on the main page, you'd probably be half-expecting the Pokémon to fetch... but no, you still only get the Poképuff-following stare. It can be amusing seeing how long your Pokémon will stare at the Poképuff base on how far you threw it.
  • Playing with any of the more intimidating Pokémon in Pokémon Amie. While some maintain a stoic, badass demeanor (even the relatively cute Umbreon maintains its poker face), others turn into a pile of happiness and cuddles. Including Yveltal, whose reaction is best summed up as "I AM THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION! I WILL SAP ALL LIFE FROM THIS EA....Oooooh, berry Poképuffs, my favorite!" Which leads to captions like these.
    • Yveltal makes this specially funny when you compare it to other powerful Pokémon. When you do play or interact with powerful or completely evolved Pokémon, they keep their cool most of the time (Lucario, Blaziken, and Mewtwo are the best examples), even after maxing affection. Yveltal? It acts like the baby Pokémon. It cries in happiness when it sees you or you pet it, smiles when it hears your voice, and watches you with curiosity. It's funny and heartwarming to see the incarnation of desctruction act like a kitten.
    • Hydreigon is a similar case to Yveltal, being described as a vicious beast that destroys or devours anything that gets in its way or so much as moves, yet in Amie, it becomes extremely adorable, doing happy dances and smiling readily. It'll even offer a "high-five" with its center head by lunging at you in a fearsome manner, but will be thrilled if you tap it while it's doing this.
    • Amusingly, the vast majority of serious and/or stoic Pokémon are still willing to lighten up and give you a proper smile if you play the face imitating minigame with them and you're asked to make a big smile, which is simultaneously cute and hilarious.
      • Even the Pokémon who aren't willing to smile can nonetheless be made to look rather hilarious if you can get them imitate you tilting your head to the side and opening your mouth.
    • Giratina loves cupcakes.
    • So does Rayquaza.
    • Wailord is so huge that only a third of its face can be seen when you're interacting with it. It also eats Pokepuffs by slowly lurching forward and gulping it whole.
  • Braixen is Tsundere for you. No, seriously.
  • A few Pokémon, notably the unevolved ones, can high-five you if you put the cursor near their hands long enough. Others who lack hands will use their heads instead.
  • Attempting to use an egg in Pokémon-Amie
    You can't play with an egg, silly!
  • Smeargle's "rejoice" animation is that of an artist stepping back and looking approvingly at his work.


  • A meta example—this Dorkly article (recommended for people who haven't played since the era of Pokémon Red and Blue), serving as a nice compilation of all of the new battling mechanics that have emerged in XY as well as their predecessors (which players are usually tasked with committing to memory if they wish to remain competitively viable).
  • Possibly unintentional, but the Kalos Region is visibly based on Northern France, both in its general shape and in some of its locations. What's the water-type starter? A frog. Now what's the other derogatory term for a Frenchman besides Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys?
    • Not to mention that the local pseudo-legendary is partially based on a snail. What's the other Foreign Queasine France is known for?
    • Froakie resembles Benjamin Franklin. Greninja resembles a ninja. That leaves Frogadier in the transitory middle stage, and as such it looks like a NINJA BEN FRANKLIN.
  • The placeholder text in case Nintendo somehow forgets to give a Wonder Card a title happen is "A wild Wonder Card appears!"
  • Continuing on the jokes of Alakazam being prepared for Vanilluxe's arrival, we now have Mega Alakazam vs. a horde of Vanillite.
  • Trevenant's German name is "Trombork". Try taking that seriously after watching Swedish Chef sketches from The Muppet Show.
  • AZ's artwork features him crouching down on one knee, holding a Poké Ball... between two fingers. It's still hard to see.

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