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    Main Game 
  • What Charmander says when he's on "Meowth's On the Scene Interview".
    Charmander: When it gets cold, people huddle around me.
    Charmander: Just for warmth! What am I a stove?
  • When the clock is interacted with, Pikachu will move his head and ears back and forth with the ticking noise.
  • Some of the item descriptions are worth a few laughs.
    • Gengar Doll: A Gengar plush doll. It's very cool.
    • Magikarp Doll: A Magikarp plush doll. Mom's Favorite!
    • Shellder Doll: A Shellder plush doll. It's a little sticky.
    • Diglett Doll: A Diglett plush doll. It's getting softer.
    • Bulbasaur Doll: A Bulbasaur plush doll. It feels pillowy.
    • Wobbuffet Punching Bag: A punching bag modeled after Wobbuffet. It "speaks" when punched. note 
    • Bed: Suitable for sleeping!
    • Baked Shrm: Mmmm... Smells nice.
    • Secret Cove Sign: The secret cove (Don't tell anyone!)
    • Desk: Where Mom wants you to study for a change.
  • In the backyard, there's a crate. If Pikachu checks the crate, there will be a banana inside. When Pikachu eats the banana, he'll throw the peel on the ground, and then if the player tells Pikachu to check the peel, he'll slip on it. If the player tells Pikachu to check it again, he'll make an "I'm not falling for that again" motion.
  • Basically any time Psyduck falls asleep for an entire broadcast.
  • Once again, Pikachu will eat anything if you let him do so. That includes the flowers and the Charmander Doll.
  • When Pikachu leaps at you, he hits himself so hard that his eyes get swirls in it from being dizzy. His eyes widen in shock and then he chuckles.
  • Once Pikachu pulls up the weeds, his eyes get dizzy for a few seconds.
  • In one of the Couch Gags, it seems that Pikachu isn't there. However, once his sleeping noise is heard from within the storage space, he wakes up when the player gets close to it. His eyes widen for a second and is embarassed for a second.
  • If Pikachu opens the storage space by himself, he'll find an Oddish hiding inside it.
  • If you're in a sadistic mood, any time you turn off the TV at a certain time, Pikachu will throw a big tantrum.

    Pichu Bros. In Party Panic 

  • The chase sequence with Houndour and the Pichu Brothers to the point where Houndour hits the fire extinguisher and is sent flying into the sky.
  • Houndour getting flattened by a Snorlax after he's sent flying by the fire extinguisher.