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Funny / Pokémon Black & White: Tale of a Legend

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  • Similar to a Pikmin game, a group of Roggenrola swarm some unlucky Plasma Grunts and carry them out of their cave to destinations unknown.
  • Even when Stephan isn't around, people get his name wrong. Cut to him sneezing.
  • Clay's brutal honesty, plus his enthusiasm, as he and Anna comment on the Pokémon World Tournament.
  • The gang gets lunch and a show when Bianca tries and fails to catch a Rufflet outside the Mistralton City Pokémon Center.
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  • When the would-be prankster Shuppet are busted.
    They're onto us.
  • The way Genesect refers to its creator as "the Colress", thinking that "Colress" is the name of his species. It continues to do this even after learning about the human race.
  • Ulna's Peck Them While They Are Down moment. She's nothing if not honest:
    "By Vullaby," she squawked in response. "I'm just letting out some frustration."
  • Kind of cruel, but this troper laughed at Volan's initial reaction to friendly, innocent-looking Sapphire.
  • After Victini and Meloetta succeed in their mission at the end of Chapter 100, Victini is rewarded with a smooch. He promptly faints.
  • Whenever Sapphire makes a pass at somebody else's Pokémon. Especially Cheren's Dewott.
    • This turns out to be part of her strategy for fighting Trip's Frillish during the Unova League. It's super-effective.
    • Also during the Unova League, Sapphire emerges to flirt with Cheren's Samurott - only to go right back into the ball, on the grounds that Samurott is no longer handsome enough to be worth her time.
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    • This may be cruel, but it's hilarious how her flat refusal to use Attract on Ghetsis's Hydreigon causes her to be hit and instantly defeated by its Fire Blast.
  • Petrie, the Amazing Ice-Skating Archen!
  • Volan wins the battle with Brycen and Bianca runs to congratulate him... only she's running on the ice and ends up on her butt.
  • Ulna's questioning of whether Sapphire has any standards. (She has, thank Arceus; the Pokémon equivalent of youngsters are off-limits.)
  • Sapphire is a walking (or floating) source of hilarity, it seems. At one point, Ash's Oshawott (the aforementioned youngster) is attempting to impress her by swimming across a wild river to pick some berries - but ends up with a Basculin chewing on his tail, and he completely flips out.
  • Genesect defeats Colress's Metagross by giving it a paradox and making the robot's brain explode.
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  • The reason Alder's Druddigon disappeared.
  • During a lull in the Unova League arc, Rudy attempts to get Bernice to laugh using awful puns. He nearly succeeds.
  • Volan straight-up insulting Zekrom.
    "Get your priorities straight, you big black lump!"


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