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Charizard is most certainly NOT a dragon type.

  • Almost anytime Bianca is running and shouts "outta my way, outta my way, outta my way!!!!" and she crashes into Ash, causing him to fall in some nearby water.
  • While not always funny, Iris can be funny sometimes when she calls Ash a kid. The catchphrase also works when she calls Trip and Georgia kids (and Georgia actually throws the catchphrase back at her).
  • Iris and Georgia's interactions as rivals. It's basically a Cat Fight without any actual fighting, and it's hilarious.
  • Burgundy can be hilarious when she has her outbursts.
  • People getting Stephen...err Stephan's name wrong.
  • Oshawott randomly popping out of its Pokeball.
  • Oshawott taking Brock's spot in the show by being a Casanova Wannabe to almost every female Pokemon it comes across....only for the poor thing to get rejected in the most humiliating of ways.

Specific Episode moments

  • Best Wishes has already had a large number. The first: Ash testing out Pikachu's newly-recharged electric attacks by having Pikachu use Thunderbolt and Volt Tackle on him. The Volt Tackle ends with him woozily saying "You're definitely alright...", then falling over twitching. Then the entire meeting with Iris, and him climbing up a tree and then jumping into the air to try and rescue Pikachu and Axew, before missing while trying to grab the glass cage and falling back down to the ground.
  • In the episode "Enter Iris & Axew," when Ash mistakes Iris as a Pokemon and throws a Pokeball at her. Iris is not amused, and she gets angry with Ash and yells at him. Thankfully, she does accept his apology.
  • When Ash tried to catch Snivy, she takes advantage of his Pokémon by using Attract on all the males, disabling them from fighting. Left with only one choice, he sends Pidove. As luck would have it, Pidove is also female. Ash did not know that beforehand, to the annoyance of Pikachu, Iris, and Cilan.
  • In the ninth episode of Best Wishes (The Bloom is on Axew!), the beginning shows Axew's first onscreen battle. Cilan's it in a Curb-Stomp Battle while still going VERY easy on the little dragon.
    • And right after that, when Axew attempts to get serious. Axew charges his Dragon Rage up in such a dramatic way...and then sneezes. Needless to say, the whole place within a ten foot radius is a bit decimated, leaving everyone burnt and twitching.
      • Cilan then dubs the attack "Dragon Sneeze." Iris is not amused. Ash even mentions it again in the climax of the episode, pissing off Iris. Cilan also mentions “Dragon Sneeze” again in the beginning of BW 027... such a hilarious Call-Back.
    • At the end of the episode, Iris has had enough of Ash challenging her and Axew, and tells him that he should be the one to battle Pikachu himself. Ash proceeds to do just that.
  • Scraggy: Hatched to be Wild!: Ash's Scraggy finally hatches from its egg. Later, when Ash's other Pokémon try to greet him, he tries to fight him all. Pidove gets freaked out by Scraggy's Headbutt. Oshawott gets so mad he has to be pulled off Scraggy. Then he tries taking on Tepig and eventually Snivy, who casually jumps off a rock so Scraggy crashes into it and then casually holding Scraggy off with her vines. And then he headbutts Ash.
  • A wild Minccino using Tickle on Bianca's Pignite in BW013 (Minccino- Neat and Tidy!). That is all.
    • And then using Attract on Ash's Snivy.
    • We also see that same Pignite acting a lot like his trainer. It's too much for words.
    • Cilan crying over Bianca dirtying his cutlery; it's not something you'd expect from him...
    • The Minccino stuffing Ash's badge case in its mouth.
    • How the Minccino was caught can also qualify. Once Bianca is ready to catch him, she pulls out a very dirty Poke Ball, but takes so much time doing so that he gets away. Howver, out of instinct, he goes over to clean the Poke Ball, accidentally getting caught in the process.
  • In the The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice, Meowth is disguised as an Umbreon to provide a distraction. When he is finally cornered, his pursuers burst into tears of joy from "discovering the first Umbreon in Unova." This makes Meowth feel guilty, so he confesses that he is really just a talking Meowth. Only after he escapes do the pursuers realize that a talking Meowth is also rare, leading them to burst into tears once more.
  • Scare at Litwick Mansion!: Cilan screaming like a little girl. That. Is. All.
  • Burgundy's Imagine Spot of Evil Cilan in A Connoisseur's Revenge, complete with the evil laugh. Pansage's menacing expression in the background also helps.
    • At one point, she attempts to evaluate Ash's Snivy by licking her.
      • And gets vine-whipped in the tongue for her trouble.
      • All of the Pokemon's abusing her is pretty funny but Pikachu takes the cake. You can mock his trainer and insult his friends, but the moment you declare he isn't cute is the moment where he deals out 10000 volts of electricity.
      • There's also that small pause before dissing Tepig where the two just kinda stare at each other for a short period while Tepig has a big grin on his face.
  • Reunion Battles in Nimbasa!: Ash trying to get Trip's attention and is waving him over to the group. Trip obviously sees Ash via his camera lens but then decides to ignore him after he looks directly at Ash. The expression on Ash's face is priceless.
    • Iris getting a bad vibe from her first opponent, someone wearing a Watchog costume.
  • Ash's Snivy was alternately made of this and badass in Emolga and the New Volt Switch. Usually by using her Vine Whip to discipline the kinda-Jerkass Iris' Emolga. The part where Emolga tries to sneak away from the battle with Simisear (that she caused) and gets grabbed, as if Snivy's saying, "I'll deal with you after I take care of this." is hilarious.
    • Later in the episode, Emolga pulls a Wounded Gazelle Gambit by explaining how a trio of Watchog tormented a little scene illustrated with paper cutouts. It's so cute it's funny.
    • This episode also has Chivalrous!Oshawott who, being the Butt-Monkey of Ash's Unova team, fails at looking cool.
  • From the episode before (Emolga the Irresistable), Iris' (soon to be) Emolga spreads Attract onto a flock of Swoobat (it fails on the girls, of course). It also affects Excadrill!
  • Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!: Oshawott thinks he finds his scalchop and puts it on his chest. It's a Joltik. The little critter is not happy about this.
  • Sawk using Bulk Up in The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga vs. Sawk!, where he strikes some of the most over-the-top and manly poses you can think of. Like this.
    • More funny is that he does that EVERY TIME he uses Bulk Up. And Bianca goes nuts.
  • Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome!: After chasing down Zorua for three episode straight, Bianca finally catches her. Zorua GIVES UP running away from Bianca and Bianca later on that night puts clothes on her in reference to the Pokémon Musical subplot. Zorua is not amused.
    • Later on in the episode, Bianca taunts Luke into making him move closer to watch Ash and Iris battle. It works.
    • Cilan and Burgundy's "Evaluation Time" duet. Enough said.
  • The end of Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky? The Purrloin that Meowth and Oshawott fell in love with turned out to be a male. But he wasn't exactly outright rejecting their advances, either. Their expression is priceless.
  • Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym might be infuriating for some, but for others it can serve as a fun little Call-Back to the gag-based episodes of old.
    • To start, Ash beats Zebstrika with Palpitoad quite handily, only for it to get taken out by her Emolga. He then needs to be reminded that Palpitoad was only his first knocked out Pokémon and that he's allowed two more...and he leaves the Gym because he didn't bring any others! Cue Elesa's WTF look.
      Elesa: If I may, you didn't by chance bring just Palpitoad, did you?
      (Ash gives an embarrassed laugh)
      Elesa: Oh... I'll ignore that.
    • In the same episode, after Snivy and Emolga are unaffected by Attract, Ash proves just how off his game he really is:
      Ash: It didn't work!
      Elesa You're right; by any chance, would your Snivy happen to be a girl?
      Ash (looking completely embarrassed): Argh, of course! I totally forgot!!
      (Cut to Iris, Cilan, Pikachu and Axew with disbelieving expressions. Cue Face Fault.)
      Iris (eyebrow twitching): How many times will it take for Ash to learn that Attract doesn't work between girls!?
      Cilan: Good question, although this is Ash after all!
      Pikachu and Axew (sitting with their backs against each other, sweatdropping): "Pika-Pikachu..."/"Axew..."
      • Put that into perspective: He forgot his own Pokémon's sex.
    • And then:
      Ash: So what? Snivy's a Grass-type Pokémon, so Electric-types moves won't have much effect anyway.
      Elesa (smiling indulgently): I think you've forgotten something, Ash.
      Ash: Huh?
      Elesa: Emolga may be an Electric-type, but it's also a Flying-type.
    • After Snivy loses, Pikachu straight-up shocks Ash, then goes up to him and shouts in his ear as if to say "JUST USE ME, YOU FREAKING MORON!!"
  • Ash manages to be so close to defeating the Champion of Unova...until everyone realizes that Alder was actually sleeping.
  • Ash LOVES food. We all know that. Recently, it seems to have become something of a Berserk Button for him and Pikachu to see it wasted, judging by their Nightmare Faces here. Completely out of left field, man.
  • Meowth's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner to the Dream Thief in Best Wishes, seen below. His ludicrously angry delivery just makes it better.
    Dream Thief: A Meowth that can talk? We'll be rolling in dough! Now just sign this contract...
    Meowth: AFTER ALL YOU PUT ME THROUGH, I WOULDN'T SIGN YOUR REPORT CARD!!! (slashes Dream Thief's clothes off. With one attack).
    • Basically everything Meowth does, falling asleep and messing with Ash (not on purpose) and getting woken up by being spiced. The Dream Thief is hilarious in the Japanese original with his absolutely ridiculous Gratuitous French which completely steals the spotlight
  • Cilan and Stephan cosplaying as Elesa and Nurse Joy, respectively. Cilan can pull it off. Mostly.
    • Made funnier by the fact he lost simply because he was too into the role and creeped the judge out.
    • Plus the judge is a fan of Elesa, making Cilan's crushed reaction to knowing he probably couldn't have succeeded all the more priceless.
  • The mere sight of Tepig and Oshawott in afro wigs in the episode "Baffling the Bouffalant" is enough to make people laugh BEFORE the episode aired.
    • Snivy absolutely refusing one also warrants a mention.
    • Excadrill's pompadoured afro is a riot!
    • Iris with afro puffs
    • It should be noted that the dub of the episode seems to go out of their way not to say the word "afro". The fact that at least one background track in the episode is noticeably Funkier than you'd expect for the series lets you know that yes, the dubbers know full well that they're not fooling anyone.
  • In the Clubsplosion arc, Ash's Scraggy learns to use Focus Blast. However, it's not really very focused, even in the subsequent matches and after intensive training. Cue Iris, Cilan, Axew, and Pikachu's hilarious expressions.
    • In that same arc, Cilan's Evaluation Time getting stopped by Stephan's Sawk's karate chop and its followed up by Pansage's dodge failing against Sawk's low sweep. Followed by Cilan's shocked look and then PANSAGE GETS SMACKED RIGHT INTO CILAN!! The funniest part is the slapstick sound effect that further emphasizes how much Cilan got curb-stomped. This is then followed by the announcer getting Stephan's entire name wrong.
    • Bianca's obsession with muscles. That is all.
  • This exchange in Battling the Leaf Thieves (they're walking through a Durants' nest):
    Iris: Make sure not to bump your heads.
    Cilan: Got it. (promptly knocks his head against a low stalactite)
    • And later continued—
      Iris: Watch your feet.
      Cilan: Yeah. (immediately slips and falls on the ground, complete with sound effect)
  • From another movie-making episode, they decide to spoof the famous MGM logo...and they had to use a Zorua instead of a lion analogue! What.
  • From Crisis at Ferroseed Research, after the whole moss issue is resolved, Ash thought it would be a good idea to have Pikachu unleash all the electricity stored in his body. So Pikachu lets it out, but the electricity comes back and almost hits Oshawott. Oshawott blocks the electricity with its scalchop but then it hits Ash, Iris, Cilan and Georgia. When Oshawott turns around to see what happens, he puts his scalchop down and gets electrocuted too.
  • From Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times, Dawn's reaction to Cilan's "EVALUATION TIME!" is priceless.
    • In the same episode, after the big finish between Piplup and Pansage's battle, Meloetta comes up to dance with Piplup. Oshawott comes out of his Pokéball in a jealous fit and Piplup just reacts with an awesome "u mad bro?" face.
    • Additionally, while Dawn, Iris, and Ash are giving their reactions to Cilan's Evaluation Time speech, Cynthia just sits there and still watches without being phased or thrown off by Cilan. Either she is a master of being stoic or has a Weirdness Censor. Or both.
  • In "Clash Of The Connoisseurs", Cilan's Crustle accidentally sends Burgundy "blasting off" with one of its attacks. At that point, Ash (elsewhere in the general area) looks up and notes that that sounded oddly familiar...
  • Scrafty's method of kidnapping Axew in Meowth's Scrafty Tactics — it shoves Axew into its pants.
  • All for the Love of Meloetta!: The gang and Cynthia are heading out when suddenly, the music turns tense, she mutters "wait just a minute..." and the scene darkens and goes to a close-up of Cynthia's eyes, putting everyone on edge. After about three seconds, she finally figures out what flavor of Bearticone she wants. Everyone else pretty much collapses.
  • In Lost At The League, Pikachu's reaction to Oshawott stealing the apples the Trubbish were going to eat. He pulls this blank face as he mutters "Pika Pika" stoically as if to say "'re an idiot." And Emolga doing the same made it even funnier.
  • In The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!, Iris wonders why her Dragonite's Dragon Rush didn't do more against Ash's Charizard, as it is a Dragon Type. This is quickly followed by three beat reactions from Ash, Cilan and Pikachu. Charizard, however, has a completely shocked WTF face complete with sweatdrop, while Iris's Dragonite just has a "Really? -_-" look.
    • N was also included in on the reactions. Epic Fail indeed, Iris.
    • And just to add further insult, Axew laughs at her.
    • This is funny for a different reason as of Pokémon X and Y.
      • Even funnier! Charizard roars incredibly loudly on its arrival and Ash, Cilan, Iris and N are barely able to stand up from the roar. Pikachu, who is a tiny mouse that is 1'04" tall and weighs 13.2 pounds and probably should be blown miles, is completely unaffected.
  • And then came Crowning the Scalchop King, where Ash's Oshawott falls in love with Osharina, a female Oshawott. The first attempt made by Oshawott was giving Osharina some flowers, but he quickly gets hit in the head by a Dewott nicknamed Caesar.
  • In Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!, Team Plasma grunts are at the white ruins, observing the excavation. They report that nothing has been uncovered by Cedric Juniper's excavation team. Cut to Cedric Juniper...
    Cedric: Look! The discovery of the century!
    Researcher 1: Huh?
    Researcher 2: You've done it Professor Juniper!
    Cedric: Hasn't happened yet. Back to work!
  • The Best Wishes Decolora Adventure! ending theme ends with an impressive shot of all of Ash's friends and rivals holding hands with one another. Including Paul. Paul. Holding. Hands.
  • Cilan And The Case Of The Purrloin Witness has Character of the Day Mr. Shaw make a vow to get the Liepard's Eye jewel and makes an evil laugh though he's not evil. Response? Watchhog slams the door in his face, and it's like it's telling him "Shut up!"
  • In The Island of Illusions, Ash runs Zoroark!Nurse Joy and Audino ragged by asking where each one is. So they keep running back and forth and back and forth until they get exhausted.
  • The first act of The Path That Leads To Goodbye! is presented by Cilan as a How We Got Here flashback. At the start of the second act, Team Rocket is preparing to ambush the twerps, and Meowth gets his own How We Got Here a ten-second scene of them deciding to ambush them. Jessie even calls out his bizarre narration by the end.
  • In Capacia Island UFO! Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket confront the Beheeyems about them hypnotizing the rest of the islanders (as well as Mewoth who they're using to communicate) and ask why they weren't hypnotized. As it turns out, "idiots are hard to hypnotize." The groups reaction makes it even better.
    • Even funnier because in Pikachu's case, he was hypnotized earlier, so he's not technically part of the above statement.
  • Pignite in The Journalist From Another Region beats down several Pokemon in the tournament including a Slaking...but he didn't need to beat it up. Instead, he beat it because Slaking was, well, slacking off!
  • In Curtain Up, Unova League, everyone suddenly starts pronouncing Stephan's name correctly. He's about to correct them out of habit when he realizes they got it right and incredulously asks them what they just called him. Iris says it again and asks, "That's your name, isn't it?" and everyone just generally acted like that's how they'd been pronouncing it all along.
  • In Pirates of the Decalore Islands, Oshawott tries to stand up to the pirates only for Octillery to spray ink in its face. Oshawott willingly retreats into its Pokéball instead of the usual having Ash recall it.
  • In the undubbed special episode focusing on Cilan, he captures a fleeing criminal by having Crustle come out from its Pokeball in midair so that it falls and traps the fugitive under its weight.


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