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With how serious and grim the game is, the developers still manage to include many moments that help to relieve some of the Nightmare Fuel.


  • Some of the news headers contain subtle real world references and other silly tidbits that would never be worth reporting, such as "Tower of Pisa leaning the wrong way" and "Fidget spinning considered war crime".
  • The clever and silly names that you can give to your diseases. Don't have any ideas? You can use the randomizer button that often generates hilarious results.
    "New statistics show that "Terminal Tickle" has killed over 75 million people world wide - worse than The Black Death."
  • If an iCure device is developed in order to counter your disease, you can find a way to render it useless. One way is to develop the Sweating symptom, which makes people unable to use its water-sensitive touchscreen due to sweating too much.
    • If you're playing the Necroa Virus, you counter it with the Hyper-Salivation symptom, which basically makes people drool all over the touchscreens to the same effect as Sweating.
    • The Shadow Plague uses Steroidal Boost to counter iCure by causing the people to crush their devices.
    • Neurax Worm and Simian Flu, while lacking a way to make iCure useless, can still counter it in a "struggle" manner:
      • Neurax Worm uses Adoration by making itself adored so much that people won't touch their iCure devices.
      • Simian Flu requires Ape Rampage. This causes apes to block the markets, preventing people from getting to buy iCures. Although considering that the Simian Flu uplifts the apes, maybe the apes are just "buying" them for free.
  • Government actions are usually as serious and grim as you'd expect when your plague has become a global threat, turning the news headlines into an Apocalyptic Log. Evolve some of the various mind-affecting symptoms the Neurax Worm has, however, and those same governments will go completely off their rocker.
  • Killing Kim Sharkdakian's dog in the Nipah Virus scenario earns you the achievement "Call PETA". The description for it is "Make a celebrity cry".
  • The creators don't even try to be subtle about the real purpose of the "Ultimate Board Games" scenario.
    *Insert witty subliminal marketing about Plague Inc: The Board Game here* :P
    • Bonus "obvious plug" points: There's a series of achievements for this scenario based on selecting design elements to mimic other board games, triggering combos that get you a lot of early-game hype. One of these is called "Infecting Tabletops" with the description "Discover a very familiar board game combo" and has an icon of a die with a biohazard symbol on one of its faces. No points for guessing which board game you're supposed to mimic to get that one.
    • One of the Combos you can get in the Scenario is mixing the themes of "adult" and "family" together. Not only does the game give you this pop-up where it knocks on you for your very questionable decisions, but it straight up kills the hype (the scenario's version of infectivity) and sets it to zero for the rest of the game. As your reward, you are given the appropriately fitting "Awkward!" achievement.
  • The "Fake News" scenario has you create false stories to deceive the public. Unlike the Ultimate Board Games scenario, you aren't penalized for making ridiculous choices. This means that you have a lot of potential to create silly stories made to blame things like kittens, aliens and the Illuminati. You can also set for some of the reasons for the news to spread, like boredom or trolling.
    • This scenario is also a "pull no punches" satire of media and their influence, especially towards certain subjects. For instance, the "Racists" icon is depicted by a pile of excrement. A bit more subtly, "Politicians" are represented by the Necroa Virus zombie icon, and both "Fascists" and "Communists" are depicted by the follower icons from the Shadow Plague.
    • Like Ultimate Board Games, you can get achievements for basing your news on certain things. One achievement called "Too Cute to Tell a Lie" is earned when you have your news started by kittens. Another more complex achievement to get is that by picking up cultural news, men, trolling and journalists yields you GamerGate. Even the text for the achievement says "please don't review bomb us".
  • While some of the custom scenarios made by players can be Nightmare Fuel, others can be humorous and help to take away the seriousness of the game.
  • The "Santa's Little Helper" official scenario has the entire world outlaw happiness for being unprofitable, which includes banning Christmas celebrations. You as the Neurax Worm decide to bring back the holiday cheer to the world... by mind-controlling everyone.
    • This also gives the news ticker some hilariously miserable takes on Christmas classics, such as:
      • "34th Street closed upon rumors of suspected miracle."
      • Home Alone: "Child arrested for gravely injuring two robbers."
      • A Christmas Carol: "Banker attempts suicide -"haunted by three ghosts." (In another bite of this cherry, the appearance of the ghosts gives him a fatal heart attack.)
      • The Snowman: "Flying snowman shot down after child abduction."
  • Symptom combos are a game mechanic that by selecting certain traits for your disease, you can potentially make your illness a lot more effective or just outright hinder you. One symptom combo can be obtained by combining Diarrhoea and Sneezing, which lowers productivity but increases awareness of your disease. The combo symptom's name? Oops.
    • Another one that is exclusive to Santa's Little Helper is "On the Naughty List", which decreases happiness, this scenario's version of severity. To get it, you must involve Gluttony, Intoxication and Sloth. The message you get for this is "Humans are drunk, overweight, lazy and not feeling very happy. Lumps of coal all round!".
    • "Walking Contradiction" from the Necroa Virus. Normally, evolving Cathermal Shift allows zombies to see well in bright sunlight, increasing their severity. However, as a side-effect, it also makes them able to suffer from Photophobia like their living counterparts.

Specific to The Cure:

  • Cure Mode can't resist poking fun at some of the mishaps in handling the COVID-19 Pandemic; "Casual" states that people will love wearing masks, "Normal" claims that politicians will at least be "vaguely competent," "Brutal" boasts that "sick people inject disinfectant," and "Mega Brutal" will have everyone believe in fake news.
    • Mega Brutal doubles down on the fun with some self-deprecation: "Doctors play Plague Inc. all day."
  • Naturally, since lockdowns are at your disposal in Cure Mode, you actually get to SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING. Which even gets you an achievement for "doing as Madagascar does."