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Funny / Pippin

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  • Berthe: "Sometimes I think men raise flags when they can't get anything else up." BUH DUM TISH.
  • Before the revolution scene:
    Fastrada: Pippin is disloyal to you, my lord.
    Charles: Every son is disloyal to his father at one time or another, my lady.
    Fastrada: But Lewis loves you, my lord.
    Charles: Lewis is an asshole, my lady.
  • The mock-irritated little finger-snap used in many performances of "Spread a Little Sunshine" to punctuate Fastrada's sudden! realization! that she completely forgot! to warn her husband that his son is plotting to kill him. Chita Rivera's take on it particularly has to be seen to be believed.
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  • "But most of all, Lewis looooooves Lewis!"
  • Charles casually being returned to life, and only being a bit miffed at Pippin for killing him.
  • The Lead Player gets so pissed at Pippin refusing to do the finale that he even yells at the orchestra pit to stop playing.