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  • Alan openly mocking Bob's lame pick-up line.
    Bob: Look! They're tulips, a member of the lily family!
    Alan: (sarcastically) Hey! It's Bob, a member of the dufus family!
  • George's Sean Connery imitation while he was talking to Deila's stuffed bird friend, Bloky Nose'.
    George: Is the coast clear? (uses the accent for bird) 'That depends on if like danger'. (speaks to Bloky Nose') Who are you? What is your name? (Bloky Nose' again) 'Nose, Bloky Nose'.
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  • Poor Rusty.
  • George and Vicky each comparing each others "dates".
    "Your date picks her nails."
  • The entire double-date fiasco at the resturant.
  • George explaining away why one of his former 'patients' (really his boss Amada) just claimed to have fired him and stormed off to Barry.
    Barry: (watching as Amada leaves) Who was that?
    George: (straight faced) A former patient. I once operated on her head, and now she believes we are dating, and that she is my boss.
    Barry: Well, I guess the operation wasn't a sucess?
    George: (still as straight faced as ever) Ah well, you should have seen her before.
  • Once it's revealed that Marco the camera man is the real FBI agent he elects to retire from that line of work, and direct.
  • "Ah, Papa Popporoppakovsky!"
    • Bob's bewildered reaction to the name.