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Funny / Phi Brain: Puzzle of God

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  • The beginning of Season 2 Episode 1: The titled crew (and Nonoha) are having a BBQ party!...In a Gusha (Fool's) Puzzle. Nonoha is the only one who seems to notice how absurd it is to have a party in a puzzle that could kill you.
  • Episode 43. The puzzle involves crossing a river in a way so that certain people aren't together. Ana is just happy about riding a boat.
    Ana: (With hishands in the air) Yay! We're moving! Make it go faster!
    Gammon: I can't do that!
    (Ana gets off.)
    Ana: Yay! When you go back, don't eat Nonoha!
    Gammon: E-eat? What the heck are you talking about?


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