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    Ice Cream Man 
  • After Phelous notices a record player in the ice cream truck, he gives a spiel about Technology Marching On for ways to listen to music.
    Phelous: This was '95, Ice Cream Man! At least get a cassette deck. (to viewers) Cassettes were a primitive way to listen to music before CDs. CDs were a primitive way to listen to music before MP3 players. MP3 players were a primitive way to listen to music before your phone. Your phone was a primitive way-(gets cut off by another movie clip)
  • "You're Ice Cream!"

    Janis/Jamie, the Little Pig 
  • Phelous makes fun of Dingo Pictures showing garbage areas that makes the characters look like they are missing parts of their body.
    Phelous!Alex: That pig can kiss my ass, if I had one! Oh damn hell...

    Alex: If you weren't so little I would tear your behind that's what I do!
    Phelous!Alex: (zooms into Janis missing the lower half of her body) I mean when you actually have one! (cuts to a scene where Alex's behind is also not drawn) Holy shit my ass is grass and I already smoked it!
  • During a scene where Janis takes a bite off Alex's food:
    Phelous: Err..I hope there's no pork in that dog food...though I'm sure we at least won't delve into cannibalism in this children's cart-
    Alex: When it happens to be pork-
  • Him mocking one of Janis's stupid ideas.
    Phelous: Someone should put Janis back in the womb, she's not quite done yet.
  • During the butcher scene, Oro makes a surprise appearance with the Pumaman theme:
    Oro: No need to run away, when you can fly! just lift off with me, Janis! Sci-i-i-i-ence!

    The Secret of Anastasia 
  • After seeing the title is once again, "Secret of", Phelous jokes that it might once again be that Anastasia sprouts wings and was an angel the whole time. He then announces a small spoiler: it's even dumber. Maybe.
  • Phelous lists off all the historical inaccuracies in The Secret of Anastasia in one word: everything.
  • When revealing Rasputin doesn't appear as an Evil Sorcerer in this version, Phelous jokes he's probably too busy taking on Harry Potter and Gandalf.
  • Phelous being utterly baffled that they even made a Plucky Comic Relief (completed with Punny Name "Goofanov") one of the soldiers, and gave him as a Running Gag the fact he is excited about shooting the main character.
  • Since the main villain spends most of the movie with his face covered and in military russian uniform, Phelous jokingly refers to him as "Russian Cobra Commander".
  • Also, him pointing out just how incompetent the villains are, given it took them years to realize Anastasia was still living in her father's castle, even though she barely made any effort to hide and even sang at the window.
  • Phelous wondering whether the musical instruments excrete.
    Why am I focusing so much on this?! Move on!
  • "WHAT THE HELL? A LIVING TUBA!" **Vladimir shoots it with a cartoon gun**
  • "Oh look, an obvious bad guy! LET'S TRUST HIM!"
  • When it's revealed the villain of the movie was impersonating Prince Paul, who had been disposed of years ago, Phelous points out the Fridge Logic of how, in the same story were the entire plot is about the real Anastasia having to prove her identity as member of the russian royal family, a spy was meanwhile able to Kill and Replace a royalty to then impersonate him for years, no questions asked.
  • After Vladimir dies from falling into water despite being a short drop.
    Phelous: (sigh) Why did it have to be water? The Wicked Vladimir of the West's weakness.

    Anastasia (Golden Films) 
  • The opening has him reading something more realistic russian tale than any Anastasia adaption: a russian fan Batman and TMNT crossover
  • The Running Gag where he compares Anastasia's Dull Surprise gasps with Beauty's.
  • Phelous' reaction to the Goodfellas reference.
  • The beginning of the review, calling mention to how the Good Times!Beauty and the Beast movie gave him one of his most beloved characters....... Clara. Old Man is unamused.
  • Also Phelous' surprise when he finds out the screenplay was written by Charles Martinet. Yes that Charles Martinet.
    Phelous: And on IMDB this is the only thing he has a writing credit for so, ahem; (Mario voice) "Oh! Mamma mia!"
  • The Stinger where Anastasia finds out she has done a woopsie.
    Phelous!Anastasia: I finally got my memory back! Hope I didn't do anything stupi... *cuts to her marriage and child with Alexander* ...shit!
  • The song that Phelous sang at the end and revelation of what he says at the end.
    Phelous: (singing) Come now, comrades. Taste your freedom! There is no more Tsar of reviews! (speaking) Now, I am the Tsar of reviews! (evil laughter) I must be stopped! (Beat) No?

    Anastasia (Dingo Pictures) 
  • One of the covers for the movie features nothing but a dog on a snowy plains, and Phelous insists on calling it the main/most important character since.
  • Him making fun of how Boris looks like a Gender Flip of the Anastasia from the more famous movie never gets old.
  • Rasputin's voice actor is a German speaking English trying to imitate a Russian accent, and at times he just gives up on speaking entirely in favor of making random noises. Phelous never misses a joke at this, even giving his review of the movie in "Rasputinese".
  • His bafflement at Rasputin's rat sidekick, leading him to call the rat "Ratsputin".

    Beauty and the Beast (Bevanfield Version) 
  • For starters, this adaptation right here is where the ugly brother (the guy who's constantly getting his neck broken by Old Man) came from. And to Phelous' amusement, there's actually a scene where the dude gets his neck choked.
  • As is tradition by this point, Old Man does not get along with this version of Beauty's father and is thoroughly disgusted with his actions.
  • When Monsieur Rodent (neck snapped guy) tries to insult Old Man.
    Monsieur Rodent: This movie has broken Old Man!
  • Phelous slowly but surely getting unnerved by the bizarrely frequent use of frog imagery scattered around the film.
  • There is a scene where Beauty is sleeping in the Beast's castle, and a clock with a face starts saying her name with a demonic voice filter— which creeps the hell out of Phelous.
    Phelous!Clock: Beauty, give me your soul!
    Blood Bush: You creep me out, you disgusting clock... still; I want blood. (leaps onto Beauty's head and blood splatters the wall)
  • The gasp-off between Goodtimes' Beauty and Bevanfield's Beauty after the latter's poorly animated gasp.
  • The Beast from Bavenfield and The Beast from Golden Film get along and decided to complain on tumblr and the youtube comment section.

    Cabin Fever Remake (Dingo Pictures) 
  • On April Fool's Day, Phelous uploaded a video with a title and thumbnail promising a review of the Cabin Fever remake, but it turned out to be an unofficial Dingo Pictures crossover from him and Allison.
  • Frollo playing the role of Party Cop. Wabuu tries to refuse him access to the party, only to yeld when Frollo threatens to throw him into "party jail".
  • Rasputin summoning the witch to help him against the infection:
    Rasputin: Those fools don't know how to get proper help! BABUSHKAAAAA!
    (Witch appears laughing)
    Witch: Director Rasputin! You dare pointlessly put me into this?!
    Rasputin: I need you to make me the president of not being infected.
    Witch: I can only do that if you're dead.
    Rasputin: (swears in Rasputinese) Okay, I'll do it. Oh, bomb! (blows himself up)

    Fortunate Fawn 
  • Jody and Flag ending up on the Satellite of Love, where they watch Lion and the King.
  • Injecting the Shoot the Dog ending of the book whenever he can, mostly in a desperate attempt to end the series early.
  • Phelous slowly losing his mind over how incredibly boring the series is, to the point where he goes back in time to try and stop himself from ever promising to review it. It doesn't work.

    Cabin Fever Remake 
  • Just like how this movie reuses quite a bit of the same script as the original Cabin Fever, this video reuses quite a bit of the same script as Phelous' original review.
  • Since the movie rewrote the locals into all acting creepy and threatening for no apparent reason, Phelous compares it to people being in league with the Cannibal Clan in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... leading him to the theory the inhabitants are somehow in league with the non-sentient flesh-eating virus.
  • His reaction when the movie tries to take the infamous party cop scene from the original and make it serious, while keeping the same ridiculous dialogues:
  • Not to mention his reaction to the remake's omission of the (in)famous "ooh faced" line.
    Phelous: What, no "ooh faced"? Am I upset about that?

    Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 

     The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Goodtimes) 

     Ali Baba and the Gold Raiders 
  • All of the Harry Partridge animated segments that poke fun at Ali Baba's terrible animation.
    Allison: Why is it suddenly so hard to walk?
    Brad: I think we all just shit ourselves.
    • Even better? For all the Stylistic Suck involved, they're still much better drawn than the actual cartoon.
  • The trio's stunned silence, then laughter, after Kassim tries to open the cave door with the magic words ''Osama bin Laden''.
  • The ending, where The Irate Gamer gets sealed inside the cave.

     Dragon Ball Z Big Green: Strongest Guy in the World 
  • Comparing the Big Green dub to Dingo Pictures, especially Goku's voice sounding like King "Mah God" from Lion and the King. This peaks with an actual Dingo voice clip from King MAH GOD himself.
  • Phelous' growing annoyance with Big Green Bulma's voice.
    Phelous: Please stop talking Bluma. THAT VOICE, IS ODDLY GAGA!
  • With Master Roshi renamed "Old Man" in the Big Green dub, it leads to the cameo of another Old Man.
    Big Green!Goku: And where is the old man?
    Good Times!Old Man: *Wearing a scouter* Ma ma my power level is over ni-
    Phelous!Goku: Shut up, Old Man.
  • When Big Green!Gohan says "I am little, but I can send you to HELL!.
    Phelous: Woah, woah Big Greenhan! Shouldn't we be HFIL-ing our language here?
  • The way Phelous mocks the movie's Everybody Laughs Ending.
    Phelous: Hahahahahaha! Clearly Dr. Wheelo wasn't the only brain destroyed in this movie! Hahahahahaha!
  • The Stinger, where Phelous dubs The Real Ghostbusters with Big Green dialogue, with Janine as Bluma, Slimer as Big Green, and Peter Venkman as Songoku.

     The Hunchback of Notre Dome (Burbank) 

     Beauty and the Beast (Burbank) 
  • This might be Phelous' funniest video that he has released, with a lot of Rapid-Fire Comedy to boot.
  • Burbank!Beauty's introduction to the film, and the joke it sets up:
    Burbank!Beauty: My name is Beauty. This is my story.
    Phelous as Burbank!Beauty: I used to work for the Umbrella corporation. An incident occurred. A virus escaped. Everybody died.
    Phelous: Well this Resident Evil reboot's better already. Because, you know, they're using Beauty and the Beast instead of Alice in Wonderland.
  • Old Man's first appearance:
    Mr. Golly Gosh: (after seeing his last ship sink) I'm ruined...
    Old Man: Oh, come on! Your goods are probably just a little damp, they might still be of use.
    Mr. Golly Gosh: Well, that's mighty out of character for you, Old Man.
    Old Man: Sure is!
  • Oldman's second appearance as it rains on Mr. Gollygosh
    Oldman: I could say he became useless, but in his heart, he knew he never had a use.
  • Phelous's reaction to Mr. Van Oxley/Burbank!Father's "golly gosh":
    Phelous: Stop trying to make "golly gosh" a thing! Beauty's fathers don't need catchphrases!
    Phelous: (covers the Old Man's mouth) Yeah, yeah.
  • Mr. Gollygosh originally wanted to name Beauty "gollygosh", but his wife said no, and then died so she could get away from him. Beast isn't impressed:
    Beast: I really should probably just kill you and make the world a favour.
  • Like in previous Beauty and the Beast reviews, Phelous believes that the Beast should by all rights be more upset about the Father sponging off him than the rose itself. So this time, he dubs the Beast as having the reaction he think he should have:
    Beast: You messed up my entire castle!
    Mr. Golly Gosh: My word! Nice kitty! I thought you'd be more upset about the rose.
    Beast: Oh, yeah! My stupid garden. That's the thing I'm really gonna be most upset about. Ha ha! You owe me 150 bucks, man.
    Mr. Golly Gosh: Golly gosh! I'm a little light due to a boating accident, but I do have some children! Do you need any slaves around here?
    Beast: Yeah. Sure. Sounds good.
    (cut to credits)
  • Phelous exaggerating "Stuttery-Drunk Son" and Ronnana's fiancé weird and suspiciously similar Character Tics through editing.
  • Mr. Golly Gosh: Things might be a lot worse. We could all be dead, you know.
    Ronnana: Father! We are dead!
    (cut to credits)
  • When Beauty tells her Father that he doesn't need to bring her something from his journey:
    Mr. Golly Gosh: You're a sweet girl, Beauty. Like a flower... Of course!
    Phelous (as Mr. Golly Gosh): I'll bring you some flour to bake me a cake!
    Beauty: Die, daddy. Die...
    (close up on Mr. Golly Gosh making a cross-eyed face)
    Mr. Golly Gosh: Golly gosh! My word! Neeeeeeeh...
  • In the first scene with the Vision
    Vision: The true face of love will be revealed.
    (Vision's face turns into that of Wabuu)
    Vision!Wabuu: Your love is so stupid.
    Beauty: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
  • The Beast reappears and is enraged because Beauty's Father ate his food, again:
    Beauty: My father is not a thief! He's a merchant and a man of honour, who values his word above all!
    Beast: Holy shit! I've never dreamed you'd be so delusional! We are meant to be.
  • The Manipulative Editing in the second scene with the Vision:
    Vision: Dear Beauty, only some as pure of heart as you would die for their father! And for this, you will die.
    (cut to the exterior of the Beast's castle as Beauty screams)
    (cut to credits)
  • Beauty's Father lies dying:
    Mr. Golly Gosh: Is that you, Beauty...?
    Vince McMahon: IT'S ME, AUSTIN!
    • And then:
      Mr. Golly Gosh: (smiling) I have something to live for again now.
      Beauty: No! No!

    The Wicker Man (2006) 

     Hercules (Good Times) 
  • Phelous making no secret of how utterly unlikeable he thinks this version of Hercules is as a protagonist, especially with him being a Boring Invincible Hero who can simply call upon the Gods to help him any time.
    • And, as an extension, Phelous portraying Hercules as a smug Jerk Jock Idiot Hero (who is bordering on being a Designated Hero) every time he gets the chance.
      Phelous (as Hercules): Man, I love bullying those weaker than me! I'm a hero!
  • The jab at Supernatural:
    Phelous: So "Hero"cules tortures the info out of the old coot, and in the process becomes an honorary Winchester brother. Which, of course, still isn't good enough for them to care, so they'd still leave Hercules to rot in Hell forever.
  • This line:
    Narrator: It took Hercules nearly a year to find the Garden of the Hesperides...
    Phelous: After being told where it was? I know have been joking about him not being very bright, but...
  • Hercules offers Atlas to take his job while he goes looking for his daughters:
    Phelous (as the Narrator): And so, Atlas never came back.
    (cut to credits)
  • The sudden unexpected jab at Pokémon.
  • Phelous!Hercules objecting to being called Heracles because "it's too correct".

     The Real Ghostbusters: Slimer, is that You? 
  • Phelous covers two versions of this episode, one in which Lorenzo Music and Laura Summers respectively voice Peter and Janine, and one in which Dave Coulier and Kath Soucie dubbed over them. As the plot involves Egon and Slimer switching bodies and voices, Phelous calls it strangely appropriate that both tracks would come to DVD (the Music/Summers one from Time/Life, and the Coulier/Soucie one from Sony).
    Phelous: People getting body swapped, with their voices switched, and one being smarter than the other. Hmm, really adds another layer having the two versions of this episode.
  • Coulier irritates Phelous so strongly, that he eventually has the other Ghostbusters bust him, then re-replace him with Lorenzo Music.note 
  • At the end of the video, Phelous attempts to dance to the "generic spooky-dooky music" that plays on the menus of Sony's The Real Ghostbusters Vanilla Edition DVDs. He starts out imitating the Real Ghostbusters end credits paradenote , but quickly stops, out of boredom with the score.

     The Real Ghostbusters: Halloween II 1/ 2 

    Nice Cats 
  • Phelous' deliberately half-assed summary of The Aristocats:
    Phelous: Luckily for Duchess and her kittens the Not-so-great Mouse Detective, Winnie the Mouse, is on the case and they are helped back home by Baloo the Cat; because of "the cat necessities and everybody wants to be a cat" or something. I think there also is a side-plot about a drunken goose and some dogs who wants to murder people? I don't remember, it's a really complicated story...
  • Every time Phelous brings up the improbably short trips from San Francisco to Acapulco and back. Despite initially arriving within a single day, he points out that it should've been a 41-hour drive or an 826-hour walk.
  • During a scene where Mrs. McDonald drives completely into the blank garbage area, and vanishes in the process:
    Phelous!Narrator: Then Mrs. McDonald drove them all into a disintegration ray and they all died. The End!
  • After an Unreliable Voiceover that's a flagrant violation of Show, Don't Tell:
    Narrator: "Relax well," the hedgehog waved. (even though it isn't even moving)
    Phelous: It's so much easier to just say they did something rather than actually having them do it!
    Phelous!Narrator "SHUT UP!!" Mrs. McDonald yelled in a murderous rage as she killed them all. (while she's calmly driving)
  • The stock background music of one scene had synth trumpets that were clearly more off-key than usual, as if their batteries were dying. Already hilarious on its own, but then Phelous adds:
    "Is this movie killing the Dingo music??"
  • His reaction to Charlie (the Thomas O'Malley knockoff) hitting on Lucy (the Marie knockoff).

  • The mere fact that this version of the film has an alternate dub team that makes the normal Dingo team sound downright competent by comparison.
    • Phelous eventually decides to alternate between the two dubsnote , and is actually glad to hear the usual Dingo voice cast as opposed to the EastWest dub (which seems to consist of a father and son who just read off their lines in dull monotone).
    • In addition, Phelous deadpanly mentions one thing the EastWest dub did better than the Dingo dub was mentioning the farmer's tool instead of the Dingo dub who mentions his tools (when it only shows the ax) Phelous says it's "score one for audio diarrhea".
  • Phelous Corpsing hard when Charlie the cat escalates the level of swearing typically heard in Dingo productions.
    Charlie: Oh shit, rraaaaarrr...
  • Wabuu continues on with his trademark comedic sociopathy and kills the orange cat with his solar death ray invention.
    Charlie: Genius! I wish I was as smart as you.
    Phelous!Wabuu: Of course you do, moron, and with my sunlight weapon I shall burn you into ashes for moving in on my territory!
    Phelous!Charlie: Oh, but Wabuu, I thought we are friends in this one.
    Phelous!Wabuu: You thought wrong. DEAD WRONG!
    (he incinerates Charlie)
    Phelous!Charlie: Nooo... I died.
  • After mentioning that Wabuu's song starts mid-word because EastWest accidentally cut off the beginning shot of the movie, Phelous decides to listen to the song on audio cassette. Then he reveals that he's not joking: he really does have a cassette tape of the movie.
  • The ending where Phelous can't tell which of the two Wabuu's is the real one. The real (and evil) Wabuu finally gets tired and just shoots the other one.

    An Angel for Christmas 

    Little Angels: The Brightest Christmas 
  • The Running Gag about apple juice crime.
  • Phelous' assuming that the father was deliberately trying to kill his kids through negligence.
  • Phelous editing the angels happily singing around the little brother after he dies from his illness, as they did with the dog.
  • The guy in the cabin.
    Phelous!Zick: I'm a food prospector hee haw! It's really stupid!

    Zick: I was okay because your daddy hauled me outta that day at the risk of his own life.
    Phelous!Zick: And either I aged really horribly, or your evil father found the fountain of youth out here. Which is why he's leaving you all in this really horrible living situation!
  • After all the living hell Daniel has to go through, he finally reaches the doctor - only for the doctor to be a hard-of-hearing quack. Cue Phelous promptly throwing the Little Angels DVD in a trashcan.

    Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa 
  • Him pointing out that, when seen from above, Ricky literally looks like a pile of crap.
  • Phelous' imitations of the extremely exaggerated laughing animations the characters have and breaking his back.
  • The many times he calls the characters robots due to their piss-poor movements and facial expressions.
  • When Todd teases Ricky after he knocked the Christmas tree down, Ricky provides the perfect comeback:
    Phelous!Ricky: Hey! Why don't I knock you down by reminding you that you helped produce this crap?
    (cut to Nelson Muntz laughing at a picture of Todd)
    Nelson: Ha ha! (beat) Hey...that hurts.
  • His reaction to the...weird sounds Todd makes while eating Smithy's sandwich.
  • His little "skit" making fun of how Mark Hamill voiced Nicole's dad, and photoshops a horrible lightsaber to mock him killing his daughter. His hilarious voice for Nicole sells it
    Nicole: DADDY NO!

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