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Funny / Phantom of the Megaplex

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  • Lacy Ling, A.K.A. "Racy Lacy." Why walk if you can run?
    • Let's be honest, all of the teens working at the Megaplex have a funny quirk. Except Pete who's just a Workaholic.
  • Pete tells his mom about his day at work, and demonstrates that his siblings aren't the only snarkers in the family.
    Julie: They had you up on the roof?
  • Julie frets as she drops off her kids at the theater.
    Karen: Mom, were going to see a movie. Not crossing the Atlantic in a canoe.
    George: (in ridiculously deep voice) Trust them Pocahontas.
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  • While Bryan is walking back to the "Farmer Brown" movie, he hears a creepy voice laughing in the shadows. He then shouts like Bruce Lee and tries to make a stance like a kung-fu master. Needless to say, it's really rather adorable.
  • While trying to get in touch with her kids to tell them she'll be late to pick them up, Mrs. Riley calls the lobby. Only problem is, the first person to pick up is some Jerkass customer who drops this.
  • Everyone's overreaction to the dinosaur balloon as it falls into the audience seats. That and Mr. Tyler Jessemen's panic as the head of the giant inflatable dino lands right on top of him.
  • All the (obvious) references to real movies. Let's recap, one movie has a tornado, a giant dinosaur balloon falls upon the masses. And the legendary Mickey Rooney is one of the main characters... I could do this all day.
  • It's funny when you think about it, Shawn went through all the trouble JUST so his superior Wolfgang would get his name right and even then Nedermeyer got his name wrong when firing him.
    • Then to top it off, Mr. Jesseman, the director of Midnight Mayhem offers Shawn a partnership deal to make a movie based on his tragic life story. Before asking Shawn... to get him a cup of coffee, rather dismissively no less.
  • The tornado sequence. Just the tornado sequence.