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Funny / Pete's Dragon (1977)

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  • This dialogue:
    Lampy: You know anything about dragons? Real dragons. With fire... fire coming out of his mouth, and real wings.
    Terminus: You need a veterinarian. Why do you ask?
    Lampy: I saw one.
    Terminus: Is it sitting at the next table? (laughs)
    Lampy: I tell you, I saw a real dragon yesterday afternoon. He's owned by a young boy of the name of Pete.
    Terminus: You are trying to tell me there's a dragon, here, in Passamacracka?
    Hoagie: Quoddy.
    Terminus: Yeah.
    Lampy: Yes.
    Terminus: (to Hoagie as he sets his drink down) I told you this was a rotten town.
    (Lampy tries to drink Terminus' drink, but he grabs it without even looking at Lampy)
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  • Hoagie and Lampy venture into Elliot's cave. Lampy describes Elliot to Hoagie as if he's some kind of dreaded monster from Hell. Elliot is listening in, unknowingly terrified of himself.
    [A terrified Elliot grabs Hoagie's shoulder for comfort. Hoagie looks at it.]
    Hoagie: (pats Elliot's hand) Stay close.
    [Elliot nods. The three slowly walk through the cave. They stop.]
    Hoagie: (sees Elliot's hand on his shoulder again, now absolutely terrified) Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttt.... it's g-g-go-o-t me-e-e-e-e....
    [Lampy looks behind him. Sees Elliot's hand on Hoagie's shoulder. Then looks up, sees a shaking Elliot.]
    Lampy: (looks at us) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
    [Elliot hits his head on the ceiling.]
    Hoagie: LO-OOK AT IT!
    [Elliot sees his shadow, thinking it's the terrifying monster. He screams and grabs Hoagie and Lampy, making them shake.]
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  • Hoagie trying to tell Terminus he saw Elliot the dragon.
    Hoagie: I sa-sa-sa-sa-saw it!
    Terminus: Saw what?
    Hoagie: El-El... d-dra-dra...
    Terminus: What is "el-el-el", "dra-dra-dra", hmm?
  • Shortly followed by:
    Terminus: Hoagie, I can't stand you when you're drunk!
    Hoagie: Doc, look at me. I'm not drunk. What I saw tonight sobered me in a second. I swear... I swear to you, there's a big, horrible dragon... up in that cave, I swear.
    Terminus: I just realized, I can't stand you when you're sober! [shoves money in his hand] Now, get out of here. Get yourself a good, stiff drink. Out!
  • As they prepare to harpoon Elliot:
    Pete: No! No!
    Terminus: Yes! Yes!
  • Dr. Terminus' Rousing Speech for Hoagy when they plot to lure Elliot to their trap, if only for how much of a Large Ham he was. And how it ultimately fails.
    Hoagy: <runs back and grabs the Doc> "NOOOOOOOO!"
    Doc Terminus: "Get OOOUUUT!!"
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  • The Gogans laugh at Terminus when he propose a team-up to help capture Elliot, giving Ma Gogan pain on her side as a result of them getting sick from getting wet by Elliot. When they laugh a second time (the pain move to her head), Hoagie joins in.
  • Before heading for Passamaquoddy, Pete tells Elliot to become invisible. Elliot tries to only have his wings invisible, then his lower side, then having only his tail visible (giving Pete a chuckle), and then every part of his body disappears except his torso.
  • The mayor gets splattered by eggs, thanks to Elliot kicking the egg man for kicking Pete thinking he's bothering him.
    Mayor: Gentlemen, I propose to say,...Passamaquoddy's a beautiful community...where the sun always rises and the sun always sets. It's a place of serenity and security, where the unexpected never happens. It seems to say, "Welcome!" [splattered] You-You absolute oaf. You-You idiot! [throws the egg baskets away]
  • Followed later by Doc Terminus and Hogie's arrival in town, causing even more havoc, outright obliterating the same picket fence, tearing up the same section of sidewalk that was just re-done and tearing away a staircase in front of City Hall, leading the mayor to fall flat on his face and lament:
    Mayor: "When did I start losing control of my town?!" [taps his fingers on the ground in thought]
  • "Every Little Piece" reprise.


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