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The TV special

  • Dennis' attempts to remember his lines.
    • First, he wears a large headset to get his lines read to him. It malfunctions and he starts saying what's on the radio.
    • Later, he gets it broken, and has to read off cue cards. This leads to lines like 'you can't act... like this' and 'this is a terrible show... of cowardice'.
    • After Jonathan and his understudy get hurt, everyone stares in silence at Peter's hat, waiting for someone else to take up the part. Then, out of the blue...
    Dennis: NOT YOU, DENNIS! WALK AWAY! [he does just that]
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  • When the crocodile first appears, members of the cast come over the intercom, talking about the problems with the show, including how the crocodile's actor is only here because his aunt got them on the BBC. He then sadly walks off while the scene continues.
  • Video footage of Hook is shown to represent him on the water. The first one ends with him told he needs to be in a paddleboat, then he's in a paddleboat and told the lake is closing, then he's shown in a lap pool.
  • After Jonathan has a big fall, David Suchet needs to stall for time,so he tells a story of a time an actor got badly injured during a play he was in, and how the ambulance couldn't help because he was parked in the ambulance spot.
  • Chris' arguments with the audience, first about whether or not revenge is sweet, then he goes off at them for telling him where Peter Pan is.
    Chris: I know where he is! I'm the director! I told him to be there!
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  • When Annie's electrocuted, Chris gives a panicked order to David Suchet to cover ("You're a professional!"), which causes Suchet to freeze for a moment, then steal Chris' Captain Hook moustache and temporarily become Poirot.
    David Suchet: "Mesdames et messieurs... It is rare for Poirot to be so close to the tragedy -" Chris angrily steals his moustache back.

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