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  • The frequent "Layman's Terms" running gag due to barely anyone understanding Hook's constant Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness. Example from First Encounter
    Hook: Are you, perhaps, conversant in the Queen's tongue?
    Nibs: No, sir, but we speak English!
  • At the end of an episode where everyone's shadows are switched, Hook's stuck with the parrot's shadow.
    • Also, an episode where the pirates' shadows are stolen... and they have to walk upside down.
  • Hook hugging Peter Pan. You can clearly tell from everyone's reactions, including Peter's, that they have no idea what is going on. To make it funnier, Hook promptly drops the boy before reverting back to his original character.
  • Two moments stand out from the episode in which Hard-To-Hit convinces the Lost Boys that the local volcano is going to erupt and destroy Neverland:
    • At the magical village, Uulok the troll is skeptical, until a perfectly timed tremor drops a coconut on his head. He confesses that maybe Peter Pan is right and that maybe he is wrong, before suggesting that the sky is also falling... before he verbally realizes that the sky is falling: in a panic, he rips up a tree from the ground, crudely carves it into a canoe, and then starts paddling out into the sea like his life depends on it.
    • At the episode's final minutes, everybody learns that Hard-To-Hit's divination was wrong and nothing is going to happen. All of the kids are bummed for a few minutes, before they realize that, either way, they still commandeered the Jolly Roger as a makeshift ark, which means the pirates have some, quote, "serious housecleaning to do". Cut to a shot of the pirates disgustedly mopping what is obviously a lot of animal droppings off of the deck, all whilst Captain Hook tries to bark orders despite having a peg clamped on his nose.
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  • In one episode, whilst Hook and Smee are exploring a cave, Peter Pan starts making ghostly howls that unnerve Smee. When he asks if Captain Hook heard them, Hook disdainfully remarks that it was "probably a leprechaun", and Smee calms down instantly, much to Hook's exasperation.
  • In one episode, Hook tries to write a book to trick the Lost Boys into bringing it to life with Tinkerbell's magic, which he can then exploit to finally beat Peter Pan. It Makes Sense In Context. His efforts as an author are not initially that great, with Hook ripping out pages and muttering deprecations at his inferior work. The kicker has to be his plan to trick Tinkerbell into using her magic on it: putting a cover on it claims it's all about Tinkerbell's adventures.
  • A bit of levity in the otherwise very bleak episode about King Kyros; towards the final climax, Hook is frozen solid whilst he's in mid-sentence with one of his famous curses. At the episode's end, once the spell freezing Neverland solid is broken, he's shown melting free... and completing his curse at long last in a slow drawl, visibly discombobulated by what happened.
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  • In one episode, the Lost Boys manage to trick Hook into thinking his mother wanted him to become a pilot.
  • In another episode, whilst waiting to ambush the Lost Boys, Hook becomes so appalled by the way that they are mangling a Shakespeare performance that he can't stop himself from marching out of cover and playing the part himself to show how it's done right.

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