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  • Anytime SS and DD talk to each other.
    SS: youre still an asshole though
    DD: I know.
    SS: like a huge fuckin asshole
    DD: Yep.
    SS: the biggest hairiest asshole there ever was
    DD: Absolutely.
    SS: and each hair on that asshole is another asshole
    SS: yeah thats right you thought a hair couldnt also be an asshole well guess what you were fucking wrong asshole
    SS: you are such an asshole it defies the laws of fuckin physics and even physics is like
    SS: haha
    SS: wow
    SS: what a fuckin asshole
    DD: Do you want to start playing Sboard now?
    SS: sure
  • HB being conflicted about prototyping the Aradia doll
  • SS's reaction to a fairy-bull lusus.
  • Apparently SS is so gullible that DD once was able to convince him that cancer was a Prospitian delicacy. Than at a party the oblivious SS responded to a man stating that his wife had cancer with "How'd it taste?"
  • Droog and Crowbar's first interactions with each other. The Ship Tease really doesn't help.
    • Except not.


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