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  • The music-video version of "You Can Call Me Al" he did with Chevy Chase, with Chase being the one "singing" the lyrics while a bored Simon slouches and twiddles his thumbs (the culmination of a Running Gag on Saturday Night Live where Chase claimed to be Simon). Bonus points for Chase "setting down" a glass of water on the empty bongo stand, ignoring how it immediately drops through and onto the floor.
    • The video has few other minor-but-funny gags. Simon and Chase enter the room side-by-side, briefly getting stuck in the doorway. As the lyrics begin, both of them start lip-synching, only for Simon to stop and shoot Chase a quick look. During the whistle solo, Simon whips out a flute and mimes playing along, while Chase does little hand-dances in his chair and gestures at Simon, as if to say "whoa, look at him go!" Finally, as Simon and Chase dance along to the outro with their instruments, you can see Chase almost smack Simon in the head with the trumpet multiple times. Judging by Simon’s reactions, those near-misses may or may not not have been intentional.
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  • While it's most famous for its goofy chorus ("Just slip out the back, Jack/Make a new plan, Stan") "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" becomes really hilarious when the verses reveal that this blunt advice is coming from a supposedly sophisticated woman manipulating the naive singer into ditching his current love and getting with her:
    She said, it's really not my habit to intrude
    And furthermore I hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued
    So I'll repeat myself, at the risk of being crude
    There must be fifty ways to leave your lover...
  • The Stranger to Stranger song "Wristband" is a ridiculously funky melody accompanied by a story...about Paul stepping out from backstage for a smoke break, accidentally locking himself out, and his irritation at having to circle around to the main entrance and explain this to the bouncer. It’s such a mundane, first-world-problems-style complaint that the fast and active bass track sounds hilariously disconnected.
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  • "Cool Papa Bell," also from Stranger to Stranger, has bizarre lyrics that evoke the feeling of listening to somebody ramble through a bunch of opinions and talking points without ever making a definitive point:
    "Motherfucker." Ugly word.
    Ubiquitous and often heard as a
    Substitute for someone’s Christian name,
    But I think "yeah, the word is ugly,
    All the same," ugly got a case to make...


    Have y’all heard the news? "Heaven finally found!"

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