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  • He's made it a habit to call any Pokémon that joins his team after killing one of them 'Traitor'.

     Leaf Green Randomizer 
  • After complaining about Loner, the Chinchou for some time, he tells it that it should evolve with the next battle and wants it to prove itself. Loner gets hit by a critical and poisoned, but survives on 3 HP. Patterrz is disappointed, but switches out and then switches Loner back in for a Doduo... and Loner immediately dies from Poison, because Patterrz forgot that the poison damage would hit, before he had a chance to heal.

     Sacred Gold 
  • In Part 10, he talks to an NPC who asks him if he's talked to the Kimono Girl in the theater. Having not really paid attention, Patterrz clicks Yes and is then asked if he completed the Lighthouse yet. When he says No, the NPC tells him what to do and then vanishes. Patterrz is worried that he screwed something up.

     Red Randomizer 
  • He let random chance pick his starter Pokémon. Since they were randomized, too, his starter turns out to be a Hoppip. That can only use Splash.
  • After Patterrz got rid of Team Rocket from Sylph Co, the president tells him he's got a Masterball and gives him: a lemonade.
  • Patterrz begins to have Gurry sing They see me rollin' whenever he leaves the screen. He finds it so funny and fitting for Gurry, he decides to keep it as Gurry's official theme now and as a Running Gag.

     Y Wonderlocke VS Gameboy Luke 
  • Patterrz and Gameboy Luke using WonderTrade at the same time... and actually getting each other in the trade, by pure coincidence. Patterrz traded off his received Lucario to Luke, who could now use Mega Lucario, and got a pretty bad Pokémon in return.

     Volt White/Blaze Black Egglocke VS TheHeatedMo 
  • Part 9, Mo gets surprised by the battle against N at the ferris wheel and realizes that he left the experience code on. Patterrz realizes he did the exact same thing, merely a second later, forcing both to restart their last save.

     Platinum Eliminationlocke VS Gameboy Luke 
  • In Part 5, Patterrz's internet suddenly stops working. The next three minutes are spent trying to reconnect, spamming Luke to see if they can connect via Skype-call again. Gameboy Luke's footage doesn't advance the entire time.
  • When Patterrz battles against the Champion Cynthia, he tells Luke what her ace Pokémon is. A Magikarp.
  • Both of them encounter the same glitch in the Distortion World. They jump off a ledge and remain floating mid-air, then are brought down to the lower level, where Cynthia is waiting for them. But neither of them encounter Cyrus, Giratina or manages to interact with the appearing portal. It takes them a bit to fix the problem.

     Neo Y Nuzlocke 
  • Just before Santalune City, Patterrz catches a Woobat. It dies two minutes later, in the next battle to a Gothita because he couldn't switch the Pokémon out.
  • Every single one of his reactions, when a Pokémon dies in this series because of its high frequency. Especially early on, because he can barely keep a team of 3 alive.

     Alpha Sapphire Randomizer 
  • He's shocked when he encounters a Hoopa in the wild. But he already caught something in the route.
  • When fighting Aqua Admin Shelly at the weather institute, Shelly's picture is changed to that of Magma Admin Tabitha.

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