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  • In "Hiljainen päivä", when Repomies, after spending the entire episode giving Pöysti progressively more demeaning and exhausting tasks in order to establish his authority after Pöysti refused to do the mopping since technically it's not part of his job, actually tries to get Pöysti to stop mopping because he worries it'll make Pöysti seem like the moral victor, Pöysti defies him by singing... a surprisingly well-pronounced rendition of "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen", in English. He then later moves on to other songs, all English, singing loudly over Repomies's pleas for him to stop and attempts to wrestle the mop away from him.
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  • In "Päihdevalistajat", Pöysti has to come up with a slogan for a company that sells bottled water. After all of his slogans are rejected for various reasons, he eventually offers (in English) "Just fucking drink it".

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