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  • While calling Celestia out on her tendencies, Twilight has a few moments:
    • How does she call the spell of the Elements of Harmony? Orbital Friendship Beam.
    • This Lampshade Hanging on how often Twilight and friends have to deal with ancient threats:
    "You might as well just let us keep the Elements with us all the time; at least we’d stand a fighting chance when whatever Sealed Evil in a Can due to escape this week shows up and tries to eat us."
    • Twilight's sarcasm (here shown when she asks for military support):
    "Guards. Soldiers. You know – big, burly, covered in armor, all over the place, spend all their time flexing their muscles at the noblewomen, supposed to protect Equestria from its enemies..."
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  • The entire fight with Sombra, thanks to having a proper army backing the Mane Six up along with the Elements, lasted all of 40 seconds. They trap him inside a jar and the chapter opens with Cadance poking it.
  • The Imagine Spot of the Changelings invading the Crystal Empire and getting their claws on the Crystal Heart starts as Nightmare Fuel... Then we gets this:
    At the center of this seething mass was Queen Chrysalis herself, clinging to the Crystal Heart with all four limbs and gnawing on it like a madmare. “MINE MINE MINE MINE, IT’S ALL MINE ALL THE NUMMY GOODNESS IN IT IS MINE DO YOU HEAR MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE ALL MINE–!”
  • One of Celestia's disguise spells involves a fake mustache and overalls. The narration says she looks like she belongs in a barbershop quartet.
    • Also, an author note pointing out how it said more about the Royal Sisters than the reader could imagine.
    • The handlebar moustache part comes when Celestia arrives to Ponyville incognito. It starts by saying her arrival was an unusual event and then pointing out that, the place being Ponyville, " nopony was even sure what qualified as “unusual” anymore", and in fact what made everything unusual was its subtlety.
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    • The point of the disguise (and both sisters having a closet full of strange odds and ends of clothing set aside for assembling strange outfits)? Combining it with the "Not My Problem Spell", whose effect is: the stranger you look, the lesser will be the number of people willing to bother with you, as you'll be too bothersome for it. Still, there's a downside to this spell: if you look too strange, you'll become invisible, resulting in one of the sisters nearly getting run over by a carriage because she was wearing a complete polka-dotted clown suit.
    • And the worthy crowner to the whole thing: Spike can see right through it and realize what Celestia is doing. Guess that knowing what Celestia can do helps...
  • We see what happens where Pinkie used to be whenever she pops out of an impossible place. "I just felt like shouting into the void."
    • Though Applejack getting chewed out by the CMC for her ignorance was sad and well-deserved, you have to admit Pinkie suddenly appearing out of nowhere and yelling "NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!" was hilarious.
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  • Once upon a time, Celestia threw a Fabergé egg at Twilight to test her ability to react quickly. Turns out, the Princess believed it was a cheap imitation and she did that as a prank, and got four heart attacks when she realized what it was.
  • Pinkie Pie was under the impression that Celestia secretly planned to turn Twilight into a hippocampus so she could be the Queen of the Seaponies.
  • The Bet at the end. All of Ponyvile was involved in speculation about Twilight and Celestia's relationship. The former has the following reaction;
    Twilight's eye twitched. She waved a hoof in melodramatic defeat. "Princess Celestia, allow me to introduce my friends." She faceplanted in a cushion.

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