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  • There is something adorably silly about the wind sending George's paper smack into Meg's face.
  • After George drops his empty paper tray on the floor with a loud slam, the rest of his employees look at him. One of them holds his papers closer to him to protect them.
  • During George's attempts to catch Meg's attention with paper airplanes, one of the planes instead hits a large workman in the window below her. Cue frantic "not aiming for you" waves.
    • The large workman, previously overjoyed, crumples the paper airplane in a huff.
  • One of the paper planes is flying straight for the window, and hits a flying bird. The camera cuts back to George, who has this great incredulous, frustrated expression, probably thinking, "Oh what the hell."
    • This is followed by a case of Accidental Aiming Skills where one of the paper planes actually makes it into the room but flies past Meg and into the waste-paper bin. Cue Headdesk from George.
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  • When Meg sees the paper airplane drop into the flowers she's looking at, she does a Double Take. The expression on her face is both cute and hilarious.
  • Everyone's creeped out stares as they see George surrounded by paper airplanes that have coated his body and are dragging him down the street. And when Meg meets him again he's completely covered by them.
  • When the paper airplanes force George onto the train to meet Meg and won't let him get up from his seat, you can see a mother quietly pull her curious child away as if she's afraid that George is crazy.

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