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Funny / Pan's Labyrinth

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  • Black Comedy example: Vidal grimaces after having a drink after stitching his mouth up, but pours himself another glass anyway.(Probably trying to dull the pain.)
  • Garcés finding a lottery ticket at the rebel campsite...and Captain Vidal shouting into the wilderness: "You forgot your lottery ticket! This could be your lucky day!" Much later, as Mercedes escapes from the mill, you can actually see Garcés standing by the radio and presumably listening for the results of the lottery, before irritably crumpling the ticket into a ball and throwing it away.
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  • In the beginning, there's Ofelia's rather nonchalant statement: "I just saw a fairy!" The fact that she's just so deadpan about it is hilarious.
  • Ofelia asks the Faun if she can trust him. The Faun's attempt at reassuring her is to say, "Why would a poor little faun like me lie to you?" in the most wounded way possible, and capping it off with the world's most menacing Slasher Smile. Ofelia is less than convinced.


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