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  • Santiago himself has delivered plenty of one-liners.
    • From Santiago's Strange Addiction:
    Santiago: I especially like to kill Spongebob. That makes me feel better.
    Santiago: My friends tell me that I need to stop and that it's not good for me. So I killed them.
    Santiago: Then, he pulled out a gun and said, "Get inside of me or I will kill you."
  • From Curious George In a Nutshell:
    Man in the Yellow Hat: I am the man in the yellow hat.
    George: And I am a monkey.
    Man in the Yellow Hat: Oh look, a monkey. Wait, did you just talk?
    George: No.
    Man in the Yellow Hat: Oh, okay.
  • The Dora In a Nutshell theme song is just Dora singing "Da da da da da Dora" in a male voice... while floating in nothingness.
    • There's also the fact that Dora only calls Boots "Monkey Slave".
  • "Because we're tighter than bark on a treeee!" What makes it even funnier is that every time someone says it, their body stretches around in an incredibly bizarre way.
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  • In Sea Bear after the painfully slow rendition of The Campfire Song Song:
    Squidward: You call that music?
    Spongebob: Yes.
    Squidward: I'll show you real music.
    Squidward: (horribly plays "All Star" on his clarinet)
  • The unexpected ending of Insidious in a nutshell. After the demon comes out and kills the family, an enormous Dora fades through the wall (singing "Da da da da da Dora") and devours him, before ending the video with "SANTIAGO". It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context.
    • From the same video, the mother is simply represented as a female-voiced Santiago with the word "MOM" written across his forehead.
    • There's also the fact that a simple cardboard box falling is what makes them realize that there's a ghost in the house. And then "Elise, the ghost-hunting lady" (another Santiago with long blonde hair) bursts through a door in the house, sending it flying.
  • The New iPhone:
    • The way Santiago is introduced. He's sitting at a desk, with his head twisted backwards. His head suddenly swivels to face forwards (complete with the typical Sickening "Crunch!"), and he says this:
      Santiago: Oh, hello there. I am some guy that works at Apple.
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    • The new iPhone is called the IPhone32sgxl Plus Plus. And Santiago has this to say about it:
      Santiago: We have removed all the ports and buttons. Why, you may ask? Because we can.
      Santiago: We also have 5 new colors: Black, Black Hole Black, Black Magic Black, Trash Can Grey, and Donald Trump Orange.
  • Minecraft In a Nutshell seems to be a Self-Parody of pamtri's previous videos:
    • The animation of the video is even more deranged than normal.
    • Additionally, some of the lines from the video:
    Steve: Wowwowwowwow I have found the diamond YES.
    Creeper: Plot Twist itsa me: SANTIAGO.
  • From "The Friendly Clown":
    Clown: Get in my mouth, Billy.
    Billy: What.
    Clown: Get in my mouth now.
    Billy: Why.
    Clown: Because we're tighter than bark on a tree.
    Billy: No.
    Clown: Get in my mouth now, Billy.
    Billy: No.
    Clown: Oh. Okay.
  • Everything about Colonel Sanders, who's essentially an exaggerated caricature of the common YouTube vlogger.
  • The Krusty Krab Pizza:
    • This unexpectedly friendly exchange near the beginning. Based on Pamtri's usual sense of humor, you'd expect it to end with Mr. Krabs shooting Squidward or something, but instead it goes surprisingly well:
    Mr. Krabs: Spongebob, Squidward. Deliver this pizzer.
    Squidward: But we don't serve pizza!
    Mr. Krabs: Yes we do.
    Squidward: (beat) Really?
    Mr. Krabs: Yeah.
    Squidward: Wow!
    Mr. Krabs: Yeah! Deliver this pizzer.
    (Spongebob and Squidward oblige.)
    • During the entire conversation, Spongebob is just standing there with Fish Eyes.
    • Spongebob demonstrates a teleportation power. This results in him and Squidward getting lost.
    • "IT'S A ROCK!"
    • Squidward asks Spongebob how a rock is going to save them. Spongebob responds by repeatedly running Squidward over with the rock. The sound Squidward makes while being run over is also rather hilarious.
    Squidward: Owowoohoohowowoohowoohoohoohahoohahowoohah.
  • Spongebob's reaction to the Hash-Slinging Slasher in the video of the same name.
  • Spongebob's entire demeanor in Sandy Needs More Nuts. A rare moment in the series where someone is actually being somewhat lucid.
    Sandy: (after eating more nuts) More, Spongebob, MORE!
    Spongebob: Sandy, why don't you get them? You're standing right next to the table.
    Sandy: Because we're tighter than bark on a T R E E !
    Spongebob: (rolls his eyes) What does that even mean?
    Sandy: M O R E , S P O N G E B O B , M O R E !
    Spongebob: (sounding genuinely annoyed despite his Synthetic Voice Actor) Okay fine!
  • Garfield in a Nutshell is hilarious in a dark way, with Jon feeding Garfield lasagna made from Odie, Liz, and a bunch of cats.
  • The entirety of Dora Helps The Globglogabgalab. From the Glob’s song at the beginning to Dora shooting the troll and Boots.
  • From "Dying for Pie":
    Mr. Krabs: Anyway, today is Employee Brotherhood day. Where is your gift, Spongebob?
    Spongebob: Right here, Mr. Krabs...
    Squidward: I hate it.
  • "Finding Dory" has quite a few hilarious moments.
    • After Marlin agrees to help Dory find her parents:
    Nemo: SoUnDs GoOd To Me!!!
    • Then when they actually find her parents
    Dory: Aren't you excited to see me?
    Dory's dad: No. We abandoned you as a child because you forget everything. Now we are going to do what we should have done a long time ago. (shoots Dory)
    —>Marlin: (genuinely sounding frustrated) OH OKAY. Well, me and Nemo are going to go home now.
    Dory's dad: No witnesses. (shoots Nemo and Marlin)
    • The Gainax Ending with Mr. Krabs taking Nemo, Dory and Marlin to the Krusty Krab for Spongebob to use as Krabby Patties, which are served to... Crush.
  • From Blue’s Clues in a Nutshell:
    Steve: Good night, Blue. I will see you tomorrow morning.
    Blue: Dogsound.wav (While pronouncing the “.” and saying “W-A-V”)
  • From “Plankton Wins”:
    Plankton: Now I will rule the world. (Becomes gigantic)
  • “A Message From Donald Trump” can be describe in its entirety in a few sentences.
    Trump stands in a void of nothingness as a spotlight focuses on him
    Trump: China. [A picture of China pops out of thin air as he points.]
    Trump: Japan. [Repeat what just happened for China.]
    Trump repeats this twice more for Mexico and immigration. He then stands still as the music fades.
    Trump: We need to build a wall!
    Guitar riff plays as wall rises underneath Trump's feet as he leans back like a comic book villain
    Trump: Bing bing bong bong bing [This loops, gradually becoming higher in pitch as Trump's limbs, body, and head flail around, detached from each other.]
  • From "Samsung Galaxy Fold":
    Brandon: Uh, yeah, so basically it looks like a regular phone, but when you open it, Google Maps is still opened on a slightly larger screen.
    Audience Member: (while flailing at immense speeds) WOOH-OOH-OOH-OOH-OOH! YEAH! Clapping sounds! Yes! Yes! Wow! More clapping sounds!


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