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The 2014 film

  • Paddington tells Mr. Brown his "bear name" with a growl. Mr. Brown tries to growl similarly, leading to this:
    Paddington: Mr. Brown, that is extremely rude.
  • Millicent's Fantastic Racism about bears and the horrors they'll bring to the neighbourhood:
    Millicent: Drains choked with fur. Buns thrown at old ladies. Raucous, all-night picnics.
  • The security guard at the Cartographers' Guild, with his bewildering attraction to Mr Brown in a dress.
    • Even when Mr. Brown is fleeing out of the building, rapidly shedding his disguise, the security guard still yells "Stop that sexy woman!"
  • The explorer naming Aunt Lucy after his dear, departed mother, and Uncle Pastuzo after... an exotic boxer he met in a bar once.
    • Almost everything about the explorer in his film. From his sheer stereotypical Britishness, to his "essential" supplies including a "modest" timepiecenote  and travel piano, to his flustered response when the bears start messing with his possessions, to his reaction when the bears demonstrate an ability to learn English:
    Aunt Lucy: Lun... Dun...
    Explorer: Good. Lord. Now try "Stratford-Upon-Avon".
  • Ever wondered what do the Royal Guards have under their big, silly, black hats? Well, according to this film, it's everything you'll need for a luxurious afternoon picnic.
  • When Mr. Curry sees Millicent the first time. Lionel Ritchie's Hello just nails the scene.
  • After Mr. Curry telephones Millicent to inform her that Paddington is home on his own, he opens the door to her to reveal that he has changed into a terribly outdated tuxedo in an effort to woo her.
  • The sequence Paddington accidentally chases down a pickpocket, trying to return the wallet he dropped. Especially this line from the culprit;
    Some kind of....tiny police bear!
    • Also in the same scene, various puns such as the satnav ("in 100 yards, bear left!" [Paddington is flying through the air 100 yards to the left]) and Judy's English class has the immortal Shakespeare stage direction "Exit, pursued by bear".
  • The flashback explaining how Mr. Brown changed from a wild, motorcycle riding bad boy to an uptight, super concerned man when he became a father. We see him drive in on his motorcycle to the hospital, the baby is born over night, and literally the next day, he's completely changed to his present-day self.
  • The scene when Paddington is nervous about taking a step onto an escalator. He spots a sign telling people that "dogs must be carried" when entering the Underground. What does he do? Carry a dog, of course. That's what it said, right?
  • "Stranger danger. Keep your eyes down, there's some sort of bear over there. Probably selling something."
    Mrs. Brown: What are you going to do now?
    Paddington: Well, I thought I would probably sleep in that bin over there.
    Mr. Brown: [Encouraging] That's the spirit!
    • The moment Paddington says he's an orphan, Mr. Brown says "Here we go" as he rolls his eyes. Has this sort of thing happened before?
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  • Mrs. Bird manages to distract the museum security guard by outdrinking him.
  • When Mr and Mrs Brown are explaining the concept of a “guardian” to Paddington, Mrs Brown remarks that it’s usually “someone you know”.
    Paddington: But what if you don’t know anybody?
    Mr Brown: Well, then in that case the authorities will house you in some kind of government facility.
    Jonathan: [Alarmed] What?! Like an orphanage?
    [Quick cut to a shot of a gothic mansion straight out of a horror movie in the middle of a storm as a crow flies past, with a sign reading ORPHANAGE. A dramatic music sting plays]
    Mr Brown: ... No, no no, not an orphanage. It would be more like an institution for young souls whose parents have, sadly... passed on.
    [Quick cut to the exact same shot as before, except the sign has been changed to AN INSTITUTION FOR YOUNG SOULS WHOSE PARENTS HAVE SADLY PASSED ON.]
  • Mr Curry has a change-of-heart and tries to inform the Browns about the danger Paddington is in by calling them... anonymously:
    Mr. Curry: [Unconvincingly trying to disguise his voice] Good evening. This is... an anonymous phone call...
    Mr. Brown: [Nonchalantly] Oh, hello Mr. Curry.
    Mr. Curry: [Losing the voice] It's not Mr. Curry! It's Mr... [Re-adopting the voice] Burry. I have some news concerning the bear.
    Mr. Brown: [Listening to the phone in horror]... What?!... What do you mean?!
    Mrs. Brown: Who is it, Henry?
    Mr. Brown: It's Mr. Curry, doing a silly voice.
    Mr. Curry: [Through the phone] It's Burry!
  • When Paddington runs away, Mrs. Brown goes to the police station to file a missing bear report:
    Mrs. Brown: He's about three foot six, got a bright red hat on and a blue duffle coat... and he's a bear.
    Police Officer: [Taking notes and shaking his head] It's not much to go on.
    Mrs. Brown: [Taken aback] ...Really?
    • The meta-joke here is that she's just described the most famous and recognizable non-stuffed fictional bear of the 20th century.
  • The running gag of people not being surprised by the existence of a small talking bear in a hat.
  • At the climax, when Mr. Brown is trying to get Paddington's attention from a ledge outside the room where Paddington is waking up from a stupor:
    Paddington: Is that you, God?
    Mr. Brown: What?!
    Paddington: It's just... you sound a lot more like Mr. Brown than I imagined.
  • Judy's Chinese lesson tapes recite regular sounding phrases for learning a foreign language, then one says:
    Audio Tape: I have been accused of insider trading, and require legal representation.


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