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The pre-PieCon logo. PieGuy be mad.

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    Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed and its Spin-Off Videos 
  • At the end of one of his Square Theory videos, he starts eating actual pie. However, the joke was lost among some in the comments, who thought it was cake.
  • In the Wigstruck review from his Season 4 video, police sirens are heard in the background and a caption says, "Apparently, this episode is under arrest."
  • From his SpongeBob Season 5 Review, there's the epilogue at the end. In it, Pie Guy sleep-hums the song from SpongeHenge, the episode that made him stop watching the show (He even did a rant on it.). Then he suddenly wakes up and goes to the bathroom to wash his hands... Using a SpongeBob soap dispenser.
    Pie Guy: ...Never be clean...Never be clean. (sobs)
    • From the same review, there's the Scumbob Song in which he illustrates the main problems with the musical special Atlantis SquarePantis by singing his own song.
  • There's the epilogue of the Season 6 review, where someone from Nickelodeon sends him a "Sorry About The Splinter" pie, and, just as he's questioning why they'd do so, they push his face right into it.
  • From his ''I'm With Stupid'' Debate with Mr. Enter:
    Pie-Guy: At least it's not as bad as one character driving another to suicide. I mean the SpongeBob writers would never do something like that!
  • After getting really angry reviewing Cephalopod Lodge in his Season 6 review, it cuts to him in real life, complete with frizzy hair and messed up furniture in the background. Then he plays his slide whistle.
  • His attempt to skip "The Splinter" in the SpongeBob Season 6 Review video.
    Pie-Guy:"(clears throat) Episode 105b, Slide W- (beat) fine, fine. Episode 105a, The Splinter. Spongebob gets a splinter."
  • Him immediately giving the ScumBob rating to "Choir Boys". Three times.
  • His imitations of Squidward and Ralph Kramden in his Square Theory video "Why Do Some Squid Torture Episodes Fail".
  • The comment he made on the Season 6 video just before it went public:
  • From his Spongey Bits video on the Infamous 83 Trilogy, there's the bit where he demonstrates the thought process he thinks the writers went through for Waiting, topped off with him saying "Send it to Korea!" and a big red "To: KOREA" stamp appearing. Explanation 
    • Made even funnier by the resulting Twitter post
      TO KOREA I SAY! Which one? ALL OF THEM!
  • "Rectangle Theory"
    • Let's not forget his idea for Sandy and Squidward to be a buddy cop duo called "Cheeks & Tentacles"
  • From his Season 7 review:
    • After he gives "Hide and Then What Happens?" a ScumBob rating:
      Am I sure? (Smiling Pie Guy gets closer) Am I really sure? (Smiling Pie Guy gets even closer) Am I really, really sure??? (Smiling Pie Guy turns into angry, flaming Pie Guy, complete with electricity effects) YES I'M REALLY SURE!
    • Also, the epilogue: Pie-Guy remarks that he can't do this anymore after another ScumBob season in a row, and goes out into the middle of a street. To get a SpongeBob ice pop from the Ice Cream Truck.
  • The "Mean-Spirited Alert" in his Wigstruck rant.
  • At the end of his "Truth Or Square" review
    Pie-Guy: Hmm, I wonder what would have happened if I'd picked square? (Anti-Pie-Guy slides onscreen) Alright let's move on!
  • From his Atlantis Squarepantis Rant:
    Let's see what I said in the initial review! (The ScumBob Song starts to play) No. Stop. Please stop. I can't bare to listen to this. I really regret making this. I am awful at singing and I apologize to every single person who's had to hear it.
  • The diary entry from the "Little Yellow Book" review.
    Dear Diary,
    When Pieguy gives me a bad review, I begin to ooze green slime.
  • The Stinger at the end of the Season 9/9b review. He takes out White Castle burgers with with a purple sticky note saying "Frozen Krabby Patties" on it from his freezer, microwaves them, and then barfs out sand after taking a bitenote . He then proceeds to cook actual burgers on his stove.
    • The slide for "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?" is literally just a beige gradient with text in the middle reading "THIS SLIDE LAYOUT INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK".

    Bottom of the Bakery/Bizarro Bakery 
  • In video about the first episode of Game Shakers, he gets confused about that orange circle the PieCons are in front of.
    Whoa, did you see that?! That thing almost took off my head from...whatever this is that I'm attached to here. What is this? Is this supposed to be some sort of plate or Frisbee tin? Actually, Frisbee tins are pie tins, so that wouldn't be very off-base. Anyway...
  • From his review for Sam and Cat's #BlooperEpisode:
    This episode is like a Pineapple Upside-Dog Cake. (in the most mocking tone of voice possible) Oops, I made a blooper right there! And I reused elements from my previous reviews like a clip show! Hur, better leave it in!
    • Probably unintentional, but he made a blooper himself when he misspelled "Genius" as "Genuis" when showing quotes from the show.
      Pie-Guy, in the comments: #Blooper
  • In the BOTB for #FresnoGirl:
    ...Due to a mishap with a squirrel and a wiener canon, Sam and Cat accidentally shoot the little girl's doll and her leg falls off. The doll's leg, not the girl's leg.
  • In his iSavedYourLife video, he ends it with this:
    And as we all know, this was the LAST time iCarly ever attempted anything'' to do with romance! Ha ha ha! (dramatic tone as Pie-Con gets closer and closer) He LIED, knowing full well that the SEDDIE arc is coming up soon on Bottom of the Bakery! (electricity effects go across the screen as the Pie-Con fills most of it) Ohhhh, just you wait. Just. You. Wait.
  • Two words: Pointy. Boobs.
    That was an odd sentence!


  • From his first Truth or Square Livestream, his utter disbelief that the plot of the game is that SpongeBob is sad and must become happy again.
    Pie-Guy: THAT'S THE PLOT?!
    • Also from said livestream, his shock at the SpongeHenge reference in the Truth or Square game.
    • Then there's Pie-Guy's reactions to the Wii Motion-Plus instructional video.
    • Let's not forget his SpongeBob impression:
    "Nyahahaha! Connect your Wii Motion-Plus controller to your Spongey Game-Pad!"
  • While it has been lost forever, those who were there for his first couple of livestreams remember these:
    • His bewilderment at the terrible Game Boy Color SpongeBob game.
    "This feels like something The Angry Video Game Nerd should be covering."
  • The last question from his New Years Eve 2015 stream:
    "What do you think of the channel PieGuyRulz?" Eh, he just seems like a Mr. Enter ripoff.
  • In his January 22, 2016 Q&A stream, he responded to the meme "Cory in the House is the best anime" in this way:
    It was made in America. It's a cartoon, not an anime!
  • During a Nathaniel Bandy stream on April 26th, 2016 that he was a part of, someone in the chat asked if they could talk about the Game Cube, leading to this response:
    Pie-Guy: It was cubular... CUBULAR! note 
    • After Pie-Guy said that he was going to order some pizza later, Nate mentioned that he had pizza earlier, resulting in this conversation:
    Pie-Guy: Mail the leftovers. FedEx that.
    Nate: (cracking up) I'll send it in a napkin.
    Pie-Guy: (also cracking up) You don't need to put it in a box; Just get a big envelope and throw a few slices in there. The envelope will take off all the grease and stuff, so yeah.
  • From his 2AM Question & Answer stream:
    • After revealing that he wears glasses sometimes:
    I'm ruined. The facade is all over.
    • What kind of Amiibos does he have?
    All kinds of Amiibos...
    • When he says that he can't say why the Season 7 review was so delayed until it comes out:
    Feel free to go crazy with that information.
    • The voice he does when he talks about the "This cartoon is the worst I've ever seen in my life!" schtick.
    • Why was he still awake?
    Because I'm crazy.
    • His description/imitation of a noir-style narration:
    A voice-over that's velvety smooth, like chocolate pie. As I walked into the madame's house...
    • When asked if he was the popular guy in school:
    Hahahaha- No.
    • The voice he does when asked, "How do you feel about superhero movies these days being so edgy?"
    • He just starts humming after being asked about Attack on Titan.
    I'll stop.
    • "Spam in my lunchbox at work..."
    • He sneezed. The chat reacted.
    I do not sneeze like a kitten!
    • Band is a cult note 
    • Him singing a few notes from the Dragon Tales theme.
    • His impression of the lovers and haters of Frozen
    This is the best movie evar! This is the worst movie evar!
    • "Face" from Nick Jr. terrified him.
    I'm probably going to be made fun of for that.
    • Singing part of an Epic Rap Battle of History when asked about his favorite one.
    • Someone asked him for advice on how to fix their sleep cycle. During the 4-hour stream that started at 2AM.
    You're asking me?!
    • Similarly, when someone asked how to go to sleep:
    Close your eyes... And stop watching this stream.
    • Realizing how long he's been going on for:
    (deadpan) What is wrong with me?
    • Remembering that he had to record something very lengthy for someone later that day, and that his voice would probably be shot from the stream:
    Can ya produce by budding? (higher pitched each time) Can ya? Can ya? Can ya?
    Number 10: Eggs. Number 9: French Toast...
    • Shortly afterwards:
    "Why would you put eggs so low?"
    • At one point, his answer to a question was "Just do it." The Meme-savvy know exactly where it was going.
    Shia LeBouf that!
    He makes terrible videos... His attitude in general is pretty terrible... Also, he believes in ghosts.
    • When told that this very list would be created:
    Is that a threat?
  • Pretty much all of the Atlantis Squarepantis Stream due to the quality of the game. Especially his reaction to the walk cycles.
  • In a recent stream, someone tried to ask Pieguy what his favorite Season 9b Episode is, to which he replied with "Nice Try". This lead to the chat pretending that Nice Try was the name of an actual episode.

    Kids Choice Awards 
  • When Erin first joined him to vote for the 2015 KCAs:
    AJ: I'm sure she was good, but-
    chooses Lee Pace over Meryl Streep
    Erin: Noooo...
    A.J. laughs
    Erin: You're the worst.
    AJ: I know... I'm going to get comments.
    Erin: From me.
    • This exchange while voting for Favorite Book:
    Erin: Where's Harry Potter? I'll vote for that one!
    AJ: No, they finally got that off the ballot. I don't know...
    Erin: Why would you-?
    AJ: The cover amused me.
    • While voting for Favorite Cartoon:
    Erin: Definitely Teen Titans Go!
    AJ: Shh... People won't know you're kidding. They'll think I'm dating someone with bad taste.
  • Voting in 2016:
    • During the introduction:
    AJ: I'm here with-
    Erin: Erin!
    AJ: My Girlfriend/Artist...
    Erin: .../Best Friend/Partner in Crime.
    • They notice that in the thumbnails, the casts of Jessie and Austin & Ally are sitting on what seems to be the same exact couch.
    • When looking through the nominees for Favorite Family TV Show:
    AJ: The Big Bang Theory is for people who have-
    Erin: Watch what you're saying; I like the Big Bang Theory.
    AJ: -have a lot of patience for bad sitcoms.
    AJ: Which one of these is Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, or Dawn?
    Erin: Nicky is the first guy, Ricky is the other one.
    AJ: You actually know this?
    Silence when he notices that the names of the characters are right there.
    Erin: Ba da bap a dap bup!
    • Furthermore, they wonder why Dicky and Dawn aren't included in the "Favorite Male TV Star - Kids Show" category.
    AJ: Well Dawn is a girl, so that's probably why she's not in this category.
    Erin: And Dicky? We don't talk about Dicky.
    • Regarding Ross Lynch's picture:
    Erin: And Ross Lynch is just like, "Help me. They have me trapped."
    AJ: This is the Disney factory of making teen pop idols...
    Erin: If go to Disney, you'll just see Ross Lynch running on a hamster wheel.
    AJ: Peggy had died, and we don't talk about the children, and Al Bundy got to go on and have his hot wife that he always wanted... And the Mexican kid that he always wanted... And really pushy family members from stupid sitcom clichés like he always wanted.
    Erin: Right.
    Erin: Still no Dicky.
    AJ: No one likes Dicky.
    Erin: I don't think you actually watch the show.
    AJ: I respect myself too much to watch the show.
    Erin: Whoa...
    AJ: I'm being mean; I have nothing against anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory.
    Erin: (whispering) He lies.
    • Making fun of the name "Zendaya"
    AJ: Zendaya sounds like the name of a new kind of Yoga. Like, "I'm doing some Yoga, then I'm going to be doing some Zendaya later on."
    Erin: It's good for the cleansing of the soul.
    AJ: It's good for your calves.
    • When he doesn't vote for Zendaya, but instead votes for Laura Marano:
    AJ: She looks like Alison Brie, and I like Community.
    Erin: No, go with Zendaya.
    AJ votes for Laura Marano
    Erin: No! You...
    AJ: That's where Al Bundy becomes a polygamist. He gets more wives.
    Erin: Married... With More Children.
    • He accidentally says "nonfiction" when at the Favorite Book category:
    AJ: What, do mean Harry Potter isn't real?
    • Their bewilderment/critique of "Diary of a Mindcraft Zombie"
    AJ: This looks like fan fiction... I'm gonna vote for it.
    Erin: Let it be the underdog.
    • When Erin points out to AJ that he's used the word "Tangentially" several times throughout the video:
    AJ: Tangentially, tangentially, tangerine.
    AJ: I feel lied to.
    • Possibly the highlight of the entire video, their impression of Gordon Ramsey:
    Erin: You're a donkey! It's RAW!
    AJ: What are ya doin? Get outta my swamp!
    • At Favorite Movie:
    AJ: (highlights Jurassic World) Jurassic Park is a movie from 20 years ago...
    (highlights The Force Awakens) Star Wars is really old...
    I think, if we want to support original material, we have to vote for Daddy's Home.
    Erin: Don't you dare.
    • Looking at the Favorite Movie Actor:
    Erin: Chris Pratt is really hot.
    Silence From AJ
    • When they're at the "Favorite Animated Movie" category:
    Erin: Definitely Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. That's a really great pun.
    • After going through the nominees for Favorite Cartoon:
    Erin: And Teen Titans Go!
    AJ: Nope! Doesn't exist!
    AJ: That's too mean to Hannah Hart.

    Pie Guy Plays 
  • From his play through of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game.
    PieGuy: *after entering a Floating Block challenge* Let's complete this level and we'll call it an episode. *sees how difficult the level looks* ...Let's at least attempt.

Other Stuff

  • From part 2 of his Steven Universe: In Too Deep discussion with Phoenixpen, after talking about how something big could be pushed aside and forgotten about by the writers:
    Pie-Guy: It never happened! Sorry! Here's a bunch of episodes where Steven eats a bunch of Fry-Bits and throws up!
    Phoenixpen: The episodes that you think are going to be in your canon are very strange.
    Pie-Guy: Listen, in my canon, [the crossover with] Uncle Grandpa would be canon! Alright? You don't want to live in my canon; it's dark!
    Phoenixpen: It's all about Fry-Bits...
    Pie-Guy: In my canon, Steven would crossover with Teen Titans Go.
    Phoenixpen: And the Powerpuff Girls reboot!
    Pie-Guy: No, save that for later.
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  • From his argument video on hypocrisy, the voice he makes when imitating "aggressive jerkwads" that he sometimes sees online.
    Ugh, you're a hypocrite! Why do you like this but hate this other thing that is TOTALLY THE SAME EXACT THIIIIIIIIIIIIIING?!!!
  • His "Just Season One Things" video for Adventure Time. All of it.
  • One hopes that he'll use this PieCon somehow.
    • He did end up using it in his Rick and Morty review!
  • In his Pixar in the 2010s discussion video with EyeOfSol, we have his "anthropomorphic bows and arrows" idea for Brave.
  • His very sarcastic What Could Have Been for his #WTFU video on Twitter:
    It's totally just a 5 second clip of me partying because fair use doesn't even need to apply to my videos.
  • When talking about the The Powerpuff Girls episode "Members Only" he does this impression of characters in it:
    You can't be superheroes! You're a girl! Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!
  • During his Topic of Discussion on Chipotle, he eats a burrito on camera. Why? Because he can.
  • From College Confessions #5, after University X won't put him in a less advanced English class:
    Apparently the high elders of English-topia hath declared that I was worthy!
    • Also, there's his impression of "Really obnoxious guy who talked like this and really didn't know anything about writing essays. I don't know how he got into this class, but he was totally an idiot."
  • From his video about Fairly Odd Baby (which was voted by his fans to be reviewed), these lines:
    You voted, and guess what? Obama is the new president of the United States. But more importantly, you voted for the worst Fairly OddParents episode.
  • From his crossover with The Mysterious Mr. Enter, his undying hatred of the Rolodex, which culminates in his Precision F-Strike:
    Mr. Enter: We cut right back to the Rolodex.
    Pie-Guy: Motherf-!
    • And of course, there's PG's rap album. It went five times platinum.
  • I'm not Pie-Guy...
  • From his "How I Would Improve Cartoon Network" video:
    Number 1- No more live action shows. Ever. Don't try doing any sports shows, game shows, comedies, dramas, oranges, or anything that isn't animated. Period. Just stop. Well, that just about solves pretty much everything! Pie Guy Rulz, out. (beat) Fine, I guess I have a few other suggestions...
  • Anti Pie-Guy, from his Fairly Odd Summer Review, has a good amount of these.
    Anti Pie-Guy: I am the Anti Pie-Guy and I'm here to talk about all things wonderfully horrible.
    Pie-Guy: Yeah, sure. Listen, I don't really do characters on my show.
    Anti Pie-Guy: It's either this, or you're going to do a sketch comparing the Nickelodeon executives to Pixies!
  • From his Hyperscan review, there's Obi-Wan Kenobi using the Jedi Mind Trick to make him review it:
    Pie-Guy: I'm only reviewing this because Obi-Wan's making me!
    Obi-Wan: I Heard That!

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