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  • The whole Running Gag of him referring to Diddy Kong as "Michael Bolton" in Diddy Kong Racing, especially since it often comes out of nowhere and gets more frequent as he goes along - to the point that towards the end he's even referring to the game title as "Michael Bolton Racing".
    • In particular Tehjonbro's animated version of the highlights from one episode, which depicts Pcull's monkey avatar synched to the monologue and suffering Deranged Animation as he screams "MICHAEL BOLTOOOOON!"
    • Him singing "Fuck Michael Bolton, he's on my ass. I wanna kill him now. I wanna kill Michael Bolton right now" to one of the one of the more peppy track themes.
  • His Epic Fail in episode 3 of Super Mario World in which he spends ages trying to fly on a Yoshi to a platform with a key and keyhole for a secret exit, only to accidentally have the Yoshi spit the key out OVER the keyhole and lose it to the abyss below.
    • Throughout most of Ludwig's Castle in episode 9 he talks in a comedic German accent.
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    • Early in episode 10, he somehow glitches out so an enemy manages to kill him while he's on Yoshi and eating the enemy. The screen immediately Smash Cuts to Pcull himself doing a Stunned Silence, so abruptly that it almost counts as a Jump Scare.
    • The whole Running Gag of referring to coins as "Fish Fillets".
  • From Super Mario 64:
    • Pcull somehow managing to die on the first star.
    • Pcull's roommate randomly coming in a few minutes into episode 3 and seamlessly joining in with the commentary.
    • In episode 5, while shooting to a star he comments "Watch me miss", only to sail over the star and die. He proceeds to remain silent for over a minute while he redoes the mission.
    • Episode 16. Pcull records Tick Tock Clock after not being able to play or record for weeks, and attempts to do side jumps up to higher levels when he's out of practice. Hilarity Ensues.
  • From Pokemon Red:
    • FLARP!
    • The whole gimmick of naming his other Pokemon things that form puns when coming after the "Go!" dialogue.
    • Narrating battles in a Christian Bale Batman-like voice.
    • In episode 2, while reading out a dialogue box he muddles "Will Pcull change Pokemon?" into the Ice-Cream Koan "Will Pokemon change Pcull?"
    • In episode 4, Pcull's emulator randomly glitching out and turning the music into a sinister minor key at the end of a battle.
      • Pcull wants a Geodude for his team. He immediately finds one as soon as he enters the caves, only to accidentally kill it, and then wanders around for ages trying to find another, getting more and more infuriated as he keeps finding Zubats instead.
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    • In episode 6, the Vocal Dissonance voice he gives to a Youngster, his frustrated reaction to his Ekans repeatedly using Wrap, and the Mood Whiplash of "...I love this game!" immediately thereafter.
      • Norrhea takes down a Pidgey with Rock Throw...
      Pcull: Thank you! It's super effective because rocks hurt birds. Hitting two birds with one stone, or one bird with three stones, amirite? Amirite? ...I just elbow-nudged my computer screen.
      • Pcull laughing his head off at a Mankey's pose and the voice he does for it.
    • In episode 8:
    Pcull: Drowzee? What's a Drowzee? Oh, it's soooo cute! Let's set it on fire!
    • He then decides to get a Drowzee himself in episode 10 and refers to it as "a chocolate pig dipped in mustard".
    • Having previously named one of his Pokemon 'away' (in lowercase) to make a 'Go! away!' pun, Pcull's reaction after he teaches Cut to Flarp and keeps getting the dialogue box "FLARP hacked away with CUT". "Leave away alone!"
    • "NUTS used FLASH!"
  • In the first episode of Donkey Kong Country, when the rain fades away to sunshine, Pcull sings "Here Comes The Sun" a Metal Scream voice.
    • An ironic moment near the end. He accidentally makes Funky Kong say his dialogue twice and tries to joke that he has Alzheimer's...but can't remember what it's called.
  • Episode 8 of Rocket: Robot on Wheels. All of it. He hates this level, indeed.
  • During the "Midna's Lament" portion of his Twilight Princess HD stream, Pcull opens another program and plays the same music track over the gameplay, ostensibly so the viewers can hear it without interruptions from the in-game audio... until something about the track just doesn't sound right. Cue chat chaos.
  • This disastrous ten-minute attempt at the fourth star in Tiny-Huge Island.
  • His stream of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, in which he is screwed over countless times by accidental spin jumps thanks to his overly sensitive (or just plain malfunctioning) Wiimote. This clip sums it up.
  • At the end of his first Dark Souls 3 on-stream playthrough, when the final cutscene started, his recording software started dropping frames so that no one watching could actually see the final cutscene. Since the ending he got renames the player character "(Insert name here), Usurper of Flames" chat started calling him "Son of PUS, Usurper of Frames".


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