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  • A lot of very negative reviews for extremely bad games can be hilarious to read. Those include:
    • Extreme Watersports. Rating: 5%. Pros: if you put the CD in a microwave, it will create a cool electric explosion (that gets an 85% rating). Cons: The CD breaks into dangerous shards.
    • Extreme Paintprawl. Rating: 6%. Pros: The box and manual are biodegradable. Cons: Unfortunately, the CD and jewel case are not. They later commented that the 6% rating was a bit generous, when they learned the game was shipped without AI.
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    • Swamp Buggy Racing. Rating 6%. Review courtesy of Colin Williamson, it begins with "If you stripped yourself naked, smeared your body with honey duct-taped raw steaks to your ass and jumped in a cage filled with rabid grizzly bears, I can almost guarantee you'd be having more fun than if you played Swamp Buggy Racing. I'm serious." And the review's conclusion is to photocopy the page and stick it to every copy of the game they could find at a store. And guess what? Some readers actually did it and took a photo of their deed that they sent to the magazine's mail corner! They were thanked for doing gamers a favor.

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