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  • Brian throughout his interlude. Between his sister getting in trouble with the PRT, the DMV, his teammates, and Lisa's repayment (which would likely be a strip dance by his words), he can't help but just want the day to end.
  • In Piggot's interlude we find out Dinah's mother, the mayor's wife, is in a jail cell. Not because of a crime, but because there was no where else for her to sleep. Armsmaster restrained himself from laughing when Piggot mentioned this.
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  • Ballistic pointing out how screwed Coil was.
    Ballistic: They’re right. The second this hits the national news you’re gonna get shit on from so high you’ll swear it was God taking an interest in you.
  • Chris (Kid Win) taking two Beats after realizing that Aisha breaking into Emma's home meant he was aiding and abetting a criminal act.
  • Dragon basically dragged her feet when it came to deleting Coil's information when it was leaked, and then helpfully sent it to a number of places... like most of South America.
  • The Fume Knight's thoughts on the Modern World:
    The sorceries, the craft, the people did not make any semblance of sense here. The buildings were strewn together in utter chaos. It was as if the Lord of this land had called in all the artisans from all the realms and told them to build what they wished wherever they wished it. Nothing had a place here.

    The homes of peasants hewn with mud that passed for wood or stone were mixed in with the homes of greater castes that were formed of bricks of red rock. And those were beside others that were crafted in glass, towering into the sky, as tall as the spires of Drangleic Castle, and those rested beside buildings crafted in steel, like those of the Kingdom of Iron with its maddened despot.

    Some had doors that opened themselves. With lights that came from no torch, water that was not drawn from a well. Heat and cold summoned through the air at will. Webs of interconnected passages that made a man wonder where the support columns could hide.

    He would not be surprised to learn if it was all done by magic. For the magics here were stranger still than the city itself. Men that could fly unaided or move at great speeds, others that did not die when they had been run through with a blade, or others that could turn a blow aside entirely. Sorceries that crafted weapons that could forge themselves and then reforge themselves again into something entirely different, a death like touch that could still a man at will.

    And above, winding through the towering buildings he sees another beast. A dragon of metal. He’s seen its like before. But the creature he’d battled had been a small thing. More lizard than anything else, barely a century since its hatching given its size. If it was even born at all. Only sorcery could explain cutting a thing open and finding only sparking lights and burning cables.

    How he hated this place.
  • Clockblocker is fairly sure Winslow was haunted, given the three capes that came out of it.
    Clockblocker (thinking): You know. I’m just gonna have to go check after I get out of here. That Winslow place must have been built on some indian burial mound or exorcist shit or something. This is just ridiculous.

    This was three for three now. Sophia was violent, and a little crazy. At least, a little crazy that they could see.

    Taylor was nice, and (apparently) a lot of crazy that they didn’t see.

    And Emma was depressed, sad, and a little crazy that they could see, and a lot of crazy that they didn’t as well he was sure

    Next superpowered girl that crawled out of there was gonna poison the whole city or something and sing a song while doing it.
    • Several chapters previously, Rebecca Costa-Brown considers the 'Indian burial ground' explanation as a possible reason for everything wrong in Winslow.
  • Clockblocker meets Mouse Protector:
    Clockblocker: "Ye—"
    Dollerant: “Ah ah. No. Put your hand down Mr. Cook. I’ve already learned better even in my short term here.”
    Clockblocker: “Aren’t my questions importan—”
    Dollerant, Missy, Dean, Carlos, and Vicky in complete unison: “No.”
    Mouse Protector: “Don't worry. From that, I can tell that in ten years they’ll be making you head of some Protectorate branch somewhere! Like me!”
    (Seconds Later)
    Clockblocker: “Chris has a crush on Mouse Protector! This is a date proposal! Sound the presses!”
    Kid Win: “No I don’t!” (Realize he’d just insulted his boss.) “No, I mean, you’re totally crushable but I—No wait that’s not what it sounds like.”
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  • the running gag of "Goddammit Gallant." happening every time Vicky says something that relates to the PRT.

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