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Funny / Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great

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  • Sheila, Mouse, Jill, and Sondra teaming up against Libby and her friend Maryanne when they threaten to tell Sheila and Libby's mom about the fight going on with the models in Sheila's room, going "blah blah blah".
  • When the girls sneak into Mouse's home to play hide and seek while her mom's away. The house is locked, so they have to use the cellar door... and Sondra gets stuck. As everyone freaks out over how to get her out, Sheila realizes the whole thing could have been avoided if one of them used the cellar door and unlocked the front door, so the rest could go in like normal people.
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  • Sheila and her friends try to play a prank on Libby and Maryann by coating the toilet seat in toothpaste and shaving cream but the next morning, Sheila forgot about the prank and sat down right on the toilet while still more or less half asleep. One can't help but laugh at how the situation eventually turned out.


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