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Funny / Operation: Turnabout

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  • Maya's new catchphrase: "Wright and Co! Defending humans and demons alike!"
  • When Phoenix and Maya arrive at the Allied Forces base, there's no one at the entrance... so Maya decides to climb the chain link fence. Cue alarms going off and a drill sergeant coming at them.
  • The Metal Gear Solid reference with Maya hiding inside a cardboard box, which actually turns out to be how the real killer hid himself.
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  • On the first day of the trial, the Judge briefly reminisces on seeing Phoenix and Franziska in the courtroom again only to get whipped for his "meaningless reminiscence."
    Judge: Now I remember why those memories were repressed for the most part.
  • When Franziska points out November could have made the bomb that killed Harvey without leaving the regiment.
    Franziska: (smug grin)
    • Probably should have checked the barracks, Phoenix.
  • November's statements on the stand epitomize the Digging Yourself Deeper trope.
    "I had to stay behind to take care of some... unfinished business."
    "I wanted to say my farewells to Harvey."
    "Straight out the door and didn't look back. Good riddance."
    • Phoneix's reactions are the icing on the cake, especially after the third one.
    Maya (exasperated): Well, Mike's not making our work any easier.
  • The "subtle" reference to Turnabout Storm.
  • Once Phoenix is able to postpone the trial to the next day, Franziska does what she did the first time she lost to him: whip him into unconsciousness!
  • Maya and Tenant arguing about whether Steel Samurai or Nickel Samurai is better as well as going into a Ship-to-Ship Combat of who Sayo the teagirl should've end up with in Nickel Samurai

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