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  • From down the iridescent light of the 'coral reef' I discovered came the ebony darkness, anf from the darkness came a bright, flashing light from the neon sign that led me to the inner depths ot the 'coral reef'.
  • "Justin Bieber?" Bob replied eagerly, interrupting me. "How do you know about him? He's, like, the biggest star here in all Atlantis." Now, imagine Spongebob saying that in a Valley Girl accent.
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  • "Wait..." I said. "If you just said that land himans are not allowed here because of theis sins, then why the heck is Justin Bieber well-known here? He is, like, the biggest star in the land above where I come from."
  • Now that it is known that Monica is a troll, all her author's notes calling her reviewers out can be considered this.

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