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(1961) Disney Adaptation
Not an ideal first meeting, but whatever works, right?
  • The Truck Driver that the dogs are hitching a ride from gets exasperated as Cruella Drives Like Crazy.
    Truck Driver: Hey, lady! What in thunder are you tryin' to do? Crazy woman driver!
    • What's great about this part is the fact that he doesn't put up with it, and fights back. Though that's more like a moment of awesome.
  • Pongo practically drunk with happiness upon learning he's just become a father 15 times over.
    • It's even funnier when in the end, Pongo and Perdita return home with not only their own puppies, but 84 puppies more. Knowing nothing about what had transpired, Roger can only conclude one logical explanation about where the rest came from...
    Roger: Oh, Pongo, you old rascal!
  • When the new dalmatian family is watching Thunderbolt, with one of the puppies resting on Pongo's head, and this little exchange:
    Patch: That old Dirty Dawson! The yellow-livered old skunk! (growls and chews the rug) I'd like to tear his gizzard out!
    Perdita: Why, Patch! Where did you ever hear such talk? Certainly not from your mother. (glares at Pongo, who smirks)
  • Neither Roger nor Cruella waste any opportunity to poke fun at each other.
    • What also makes this funny is that there's almost no change in Roger and Pongo when Cruella throws ink all over them.
  • Roger singing "Cruella De Vil" before going upstairs to continue playing the song by slamming the piano really loudly. And then playing it on the trumpet. And then on the trombone. All of which can be heard from downstairs while Cruella's visiting.
    • Made funnier by the fact that Roger came up with the lyrics right after saying Cruella's name. In that scene, he's giving her the biggest middle finger possible, and she has no idea.
    • The funniest part has to be after Cruella leaves and Roger comes back downstairs while singing the song. Anita wordlessly responds with a great facial expression. She glares at him and raises one eyebrow, but also looks like she's trying hard not to laugh.
  • "Fifteen spotted puddles stolen? Oh, balderdash!"
  • Jasper attempting to drink Sgt. Tibbs, thinking him to be his bottle of alcohol. And Tibbs' facial expression once he realizes what's about to happen to him: "Oh no, my cover's about to be blown big time."
    • Not long beforehand, Rolly sneaks away with the meat from Horace's sandwich, also pulling out the other fixings in the process, with the hungry guy oblivious since he was looking at Jasper while trying to get a drink from him to wash down his meal. When he returns to eating, he's confused to find his sandwich is now just two plain pieces of bread. He then turns to Jasper, saying, "Hey, Jasper, did you...?" only for Jasper to offhandedly dump cigarette ash onto the bread slices. The Mickey Mousing sound effects of the cartoon the pups are watching sync up near perfectly with this little skit.
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  • Pongo's entire opening monologue is really quite funny, from him finding it ridiculous that Roger writes love songs and knows nothing about love, to him looking through Roger's Playboy-type magazines to get an idea of the kind of woman Roger might be interested in. Not to mention when he finally spots Anita and Perdita, he's so busy checking out the hot lady dalmatian that he almost forgets to check Anita, too.
  • Realizing it isn't yet time for them to go for a walk, Pongo purposely turns the time on the analog clock to past five so he can leave and scout for Anita immediately. Even better is that Roger actually falls for it and changes the time on his watch.
  • Pongo dragging Roger all over the park in search of Perdita and Anita, while the poor unsuspecting man just wants to smoke his pipe! At one point, Pongo unwittingly wraps his leash around Roger, taking his owner for a brief whirl once he gets going again.
  • The scene where the couples finally meet in the park is both this and incredibly adorable.
    • Specifically the moment where Anita's handkerchief is soaked and Roger attempts to offer his, not realizing that it'd be equally useless. They look at the thing in silence, then the absurdity of the situation makes them laugh long and hard.
    • Perdita trying to save Anita from falling into the pond by grabbing her coat, only to end up ripping a piece off instead.
  • The deleted song "Don't Buy a Parrot from a Sailor", which was to be sung by Horace and Jasper. In the special features, it plays over sketches of Pongo and Perdita attacking them.
  • Lucky stands in front of the TV while watching their favorite show Thunderbolt, when the laughing villain's face appears, scaring Lucky.
  • During the Twilight Bark sequence, a small terrier is standing on a fence post. He yips to send the message along, but vibrates up and down like a jackhammer, hopping backwards until his back legs slip off the post and he has to stop and hang on with his front legs. Watch!
  • For those in the audience familiar with the show What's My Line?, the game show "What's My Crime?" that Horace and and Jasper are watching is a hilariously accurate parody. And incidentally, Walt Disney himself made an appearance on What's My Line in 1956! In addition, Clarence Nash, the original voice of Donald Duck, also made a guest appearance on What's My Line? in 1954.
    • The quizmaster explaining the rules to the featured criminal. If he can get ten "no" answers from the panel, he will win a vacation... but only after he's served his sentence. The look on his face sells it along with the Death Glare from the guard who brings him in.
  • As Horace and Jasper search the village for the Dalmatians, Horace notices the dogs, disguised as Labradors to avoid being recognized, making their escape, and becomes suspicious:
  • In the scene where Cruella and the Baduns are discussing the skinning job, Jasper starts guzzling his drink, before Cruella suddenly yanks the bottle from his hand and tosses it into the fireplace, where the bottle explodes! Made all the funnier by Cruella flailing about with messed up hair and a pissed facial expression. Was Jasper drinking a Molotov Cocktail?
  • Jasper and Horace's shenanigans with Nanny are hilarious... at least until Nanny discovers the puppies are gone.
  • Jasper throwing darts at an old painting in the de Vil place ("Hey, look, Horace! Watch me pot 'is lordship smack on the conk!") It's most likely a relative of Cruella's, which just makes the whole thing better.
  • The chase to get back the puppies fails because Horace rips off his car's steering by accident, causing their truck to go out of control. They ended up crashing against Cruella instead of the truck and both vehicles get busted. The scene afterwards:
    Cruella: You idiots! You... You fools! Oh, you imbeciles! [sobs hysterically]
    Jasper: [bluntly] Ah, shut up!
    • When Jasper finally tells Cruella to can it, rather than sounding furious, considering all the crap he and Horace had to endure up to that point, Jasper delivers the line as plainly as an someone saying an exasperated "Oh, just leave me alone."
    • Even better that there is a scene that is similar before. Cruella goes ballistic and slams down the phone when Jasper yells "Ah, shut up!" to Horace specifically but while still on the line with her.
  • While Jasper and Horace search the house for the puppies:
    • This is particularly funny considering all the times Jasper dope slaps Horace for thinking the dogs have human intelligence; if he believes This Is Reality that much, you'd think he wouldn't give Horace's comment a second thought.
  • The Colonel's face after Tibbs uses the Captain to buck-kick one of the Baduns through the barn wall. You can almost see him thinking, "What the hell did those two just do!?" and probably rightly so, considering it lets Jasper and Horace glimpse the snow tracks the dogs left behind.
  • When Tibbs is almost done filing the puppies out of the TV room through a hole in the wall, he looks back and sees Lucky still enthralled by the TV. He hastily runs back and tries to grab him, but Horace and Jasper, exasperated by Lucky blocking the screen, do it for him! They pick him up and toss him away and Tibbs runs to catch him, and does, only to hit a bottle on the floor and run on it for a bit before falling off, inadvertently throwing Lucky, who goes "basketball swish" clean through the hole ahead of Rolly, who has to duck!

(1996) Live Action

  • Cruella
    Cruella: Do you like spots, Fredric?
    Fredric: I don't believe so, Madame. I thought we liked stripes this year.
    Cruella: What kind of sycophant are you?
    Fredric: What kind of sycophant would you like me to be?
    Cruella: More good women fall to marriage than war, famine, disease and disaster. You have talent, darling. Don't squander it.
    Cruella: It is rather amusing, isn't it?
    Anita: What is?
    Cruella: Well, if we make this coat, it'd be as if I was wearing your dog! (Anita goes from forcing a smile to looking terrified while Cruella starts to cackle like a maniac) Hahahahaha! Woof woof! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • When Pongo is sprinting while leashed Roger's bike in tow (narrowly missing several people and cars). Eventually it culminates when Pongo breaks free of his leash and then Roger plowing his bike into a bench, sending him flying into the pond!
    • "I actually crashed my bike into the pond. The only part of my body that wasn't injured was my head, now thanks to you [Anita] I have the complete set of bodily injuries."
  • The fact that Jasper and Horace have gone through so much crap thanks to all the animals that when they see the police in the distance, they happily surrender.
    Jasper: Thank the Lord.
    Horace: We're saved.
  • When Cruella and her henchmen were arrested, in the car. Even better, they all get sprayed by a skunk, who was mistaken for Cruella's bag!
    Cruella: (sarcastically) Congratulations. You just won gold, silver, and bronze in the "Morons" Olympics..!
    Horace: Who won the gold?
    Cruella: SHUT UP! My business, my reputation, my life has been ruined because you three incompetent twits let yourselves be outsmarted by a bunch of DUMB ANIMALS! (picks up her 'bag', which is actually a skunk) And you call yourselves men?! HA! I've seen more intelligent pieces of carpet! (Opens up her 'bag' to reveal a skunk's butt. Cue Oh, Crap!. Cruella screams as she is sprayed by the skunk, and they all scream, clog their noses, and try to get out of the car.)
  • This dialogue:
    Roger: [The puppies] are not for sale!
    Cruella: Oh? You've come into some money, have you? Did you design some silly game that will drive the delinquent kiddies into frenzies of video delight?
    Roger: As a matter of fact, I have—
    Anita: No, no, what Roger means to say is that we're not sure we're going to sell the puppies.


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