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Episode 1 - Down the Rabbit Hole

  • This exchange:
    The White Rabbit: You're late. What a surprise!
    Alice: To you everybody's late.
    The White Rabbit: True, I do have high standards.
  • The doctor's reaction when Alice escapes...with an anthropomorphic talking rabbit.
    Alice: Seeing things, doctor? I hear there's a treatment for that.
  • For all the Nightmare Fuel that the scene is, The Cheshire Cat gets one when Alice asks if he would really eat a friend.
    Cheshire Cat: Not without pepper!
  • The Knave of Hearts is good for these, such as when sinking in the Mallow Marsh.
    Knave: I'm gonna die like a bloody Smore!
    • He then has to explain what a Smore is to Alice.

Episode 2 - Trust Me

  • A man being interrogated by Jafar asks to take his kettle off the stove. Jafar allows him to, saying:
    Jafar: I wouldn't want you to overcook water.
  • After learning Alice received a change of clothes from a clotheshorse Knave starts to consider the possibilities.
    Will: I don't suppose a coffee-horse will come by?

Episode 3 - Forget Me Not

  • Jafar and the Red Queen eat dinner together right in front of a food-deprived Cyrus, just for the heck of it.
  • The Red Queen suggests a Sarlaac as a monster to send after Alice.

Episode 4 - The Serpent

  • Alice struggles to get through a crowd:
    Alice: Excuse me...pardon me...''(deadpan) "I have a blade."
    • And the crowd parts instantly.

Episode 5 - Heart of Stone

Episode 6 - Who's Alice?

  • After being Taken for Granite, the Knave tells an old man he's been "stoned." The man's response? "Well, it sounds like you've been messing with the wrong stuff, lad."
    • Once he explains that he meant turned to stone, the old man nods understandingly and lets him have the whole water bottle.
  • Alice passes by several ominous warning signs as she enters the Black Forest. "Seems an awful waste of wood when one sign would do."
    • "...Is it really that bad?"
  • The Knave's reaction to the scent-releasing flowers in the Burrow Grove:
    Knave: What the hell? It's a bloody perfume bottle!
  • The thugs who attacked Alice try claim to the Knave that she attacked them while they were sleeping for no reason. He clearly doesn't buy it for a second.
  • When the Knave enters the Borogrove and sees Alice again:
    Knave: Right, don't worry about the man with the saw and scary grin.
    Alice: Exactly! :D

Episode 8 - Home

  • Alice not getting the expression "call of nature."
    Knave: Sorry. Nature was calling.
    Alice: Really? What did it say?
    Knave: (pause, stares at Alice) Nothing you want to hear. Trust me.
  • Alice and the Knave's reactions to Rabbit's statement
    Rabbit: When you truly love someone, you'll do anything to save them.
    Alice: I understand.
    Alice hits Knave Knave: And me. I apparently also understand.
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  • The Red Queen reveals that she knows Tweedledee is working for Jafar by emptying out her castle, leaving nothing but a fancy box with Jafar's name on it. He angrily opens it up, revealing the treacherous Tweedle's head. Still alive, since this is Wonderland we're talking about.
  • Despite the dramatic and somewhat heart wrenching implications, the results of Will's wish are kind of funny for a select portion of the audience. He used his wish to end suffering, and became a powerful magical being. He's Madoka!
    • Not to mention he ends the scene -and episode- with his classic "Bloody Hell!"

Episode 9 - Nothing to Fear

  • Cyrus dramatically announces that he'll pay a ransom for the Red Queen, then has to admit that they are both broke and it was a purely symbolic statement.
    • He and Alice pull out swords to save her by force. Gilligan Cut to them tied up beside her.
  • Most of the scenes with Will as a genie.

Episode 10 - Dirty Little Secrets

  • Cyrus demonstrating that he's got a little Deadpan Snarker in him as he explains the function of the compass he's betting to his poker partner:
    Cyrus: It will point to anything you've lost in your life and wish to find again. *beat* In your case, it might be some soap.

Episode 11 - Heart of the Matter

  • Every single second that Alice and Cyrus spend in Will's apartment in Storybrooke. Special mention goes to Cyrus's fixation with the light switches.
  • Much of the way that young-Anastasia acts in the earlier flashback, such as her first meeting with the Tweedles and the face she makes when Cora asks to talk to her.

Episode 13 - And They Lived

  • While Cyrus and Alice's wedding is a Heartwarming Moment in general, there is something hilarious about the way no one in Alice's world even bats an eye at the fact that a talking rabbit is the minister.
  • Also from the wedding - Will tries to object at the traditional moment, just for his own amusement.

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