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On Strange Wings

  • Chapter 3: Bang inducing three Flat What's from Ragna and Tsubaki in about a minute

  • Chapter 4: The conversation regarding Noel's cooking ability:
    Tsubaki: "Um, when you say you cook…well, Noel says she cooks, but…"
    Ragna: "It's terrible, huh?"
    Tsubaki: "'Terrible' doesn't do it justice."
    Ragna: "Totally inedible?"
    Tsubaki: "...Try 'explosive'."
    Ragna: "What the hell did Noel make that exploded?"
    Tsubaki: "Stew."
    Ragna: "Bullshit."

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  • Chapter 6: Almost everything Platinum does, especially her reaction to Ragna and Tsubaki making out and this exchange:
    Platinum: "Luna's sorry that Ragna's such a total careless dumbass that anyone could steal his sword."
    Ragna: "And Ragna's sorry that he's about to rip Luna's face off. And wear it."

  • Chapter 9: Kokonoe interrupting their make-out session
    • Makoto interrupting Tsubaki's attempt to say “I love you” and the conversation that follows
    "Just spit out that you love him already! Sheesh!"

At Fate's Hands

  • Chapter 1: Bang and Platinum meeting for the first time. And most of their interactions from there, really.

  • Chapter 2: The strategy conference, which gets derailed like no other and only stays on track due to the valiant efforts of Tager
    Makoto: “And then fire consumes the Library and destroys its armies and purges the streets of its supporters and why are you looking at me like that, Noel?"

  • Chapter 5: Makoto deciding to see if Ragna and Tsubaki are clothed underneath their pulling the blanket off.
    Ragna: "Do you have ANY, goddamn shame at all, squirrel?"
    • Bang insisting on fighting Jin alone, right after lecturing Carl on the importance of allies
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    • Hazama trolling the Duodecim.

  • Chapter 12: Gesshoku walking in to find Ragna and Tsubaki frenching each other....topless. He takes it remarkably well for a father, but it's the explanation as to how they're discovered which is the icing on the cake.
    Tsubaki, deadpan: "You put the lock Ars on the wrong side of the door."

  • Chapter 19: This exchange:
    v-13: "Assessing damage…negligible."
    Taokaka: "Negligetables? You have decent taste, flappy-flap. Here, come and have lunch with Tao! You'll have to pay, though."
    "…Status: confused. Requesting explanation."
    "Mew? You don't know what lunch is, flappy-flap? You confuse Tao." Taokaka cocked her head, eternal smile faded into a concerned grimace. "Why, you're so thin, meow. And your boobies are so small, almost like lacking lady's…you don't eat much do you? Mew, don't worry, Tao will help you-"
    "Intelligence: nonexistent. Threat level reduced to C."
    "Ooh, Tao likes treats, too!"
    "…Reinitializing termination protocol."

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  • Chapter 23: Rachel and Valkenhayn hold a conference with Ragna, Taokaka and Nu. How it goes should be rather obvious.

  • Really, Bang and Platinum in general.
    Bang: "...May I ask what happened to you, Miss Platinum?"
    Tenshin: "When you attacked Tager, she insisted on slamming her face into a wall while chanting a mantra of 'idiot'. I was tempted to do the same.

Side materials

  • Tsubaki's reaction to Dead Spike fishing.

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